4 Genre-Pushing Indie Artists to Watch Out For

“Intuition” by Nathaniel Talbot

Bluesy and soulful sound, powerful lyrics, and strong vocals… yes, please! It’s interesting that he chooses not to jump to a traditional first chorus as is generally called for. He has a musical interlude in place of it between both verses but does eventually move into a chorus after the second verse. I like this very much. I love it, actually, when songwriters take liberties and change things up a bit. Harmony-wise, they’re full of soul and I’m totes down for it. Overall, I’m a fan of his vibe and style! Telling a story while still producing a pleasant song is not easy.

“Big Bad City” by Evalyn

It’s been a while when a pop song “drops” and I don’t cringe. No overly-hyped synth/techno sounds here, thank you very much! The “drop” is smooth and concentrated and makes sense from a songwriting standpoint. Lyrically, it’s also pleasing, taking on the crown of an anthem more than the average pop emptiness. Vocally, she’s clear and ethereal. It’s produced very well! Honestly, I wish more radio pop had this much heart!

“Silence” by Upstairs Open

Well, hello good music! Nice to meet you! I’m Dayna and I like you. Thanks for showing up today.

I adore the vocals, especially the BGV’s. They’re hearty and rich. I could see this performed with a big choir live and I’m already feeling the goosebumps. I love the lyrics and meaning about how we sometimes should speak up but don’t or can’t. The drums are fun and marching, with the added claps throughout that make a song about a bit of negativity sound almost joyful. Boy, am I down for that! Look out for them, people… I have a lot of hopes for this band!

“The Best You Ever Had” by Joe Janiak




This song skips the sludge and jumps straight to goodness. Lyrically, vocally, writing, producing, musically… It’s all good! The added pop-ness on the chorus and throughout the rest of the song doesn’t take away from his initial indie rock/acoustic singer-songwriter sound at all… It actually elevates it! This is the perfect example of mature musicality that most songwriters strive to have but some never achieve. It’s the perfect marriage of genres! I also have high hopes for Mr. Janiak. I’m down for it. I’m SO down!


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