Joy Williams – When Creation Was Young (Live)

It’s no mystery that I have more than once proclaimed to all who will listen that Ms. Williams is a force. (On this website and to literally anyone who would listen to me.) And I realize that she is more well known than we usually tend to focus on with indie artists and the like. But…good music is good music. And whether it was pop, rock, folk, americana, duo, solo… I was on board for the ride. Obviously, I preferred some to others, but that’s to be expected, as I am human and humans do that sort of thing. But what we have here is pure, unadulterated joy. (Yes, I meant to do that.) Joy has rejoined the ranks of the folk/americana/bluegrass crowd with this new single “When Creation Was Young.” Lyrically, it’s folk gold –painting the pictures of backwoods, love, loss, and hope. Stylistically, this live music video is simple and elegant. Musically talented, her new band has me swooning, her vocals mesmerizing, the BGV’s were delicious, and I’m so super pumped for her upcoming new album, Front Porch, to come out. With this sneak peek, I think we can expect to see and hear some amazing songwriting, musicianship, and down-home, alt-country roots.

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