Slide into the Weekend with these Rock Songs

“Streetlight Kids” – Friends At The Falls

A solid, well-done rock tune, perfect for any lover of the more mainstream pop-rock outfits like Coldplay or even indie gems like The Local Natives. It’s catchy and pure. The encouraging lyrics and joyful vocals round out this summer-infused (pop)rock anthem.

“Who Do You Love” – Them Vibes

This band’s name perfectly sums up this vibe-tastic tune. Smooth guitars and bongo drums… how awesome is that? Very. I dig the classic style of the song-writing and the slick harmonies throughout. (Especially on the bridge!) This is the perfect song to play with the windows down on your summer road-trip.

“I Come Around” – BRUCE

Sweeping, billowing, and fun – It’s everything you want from a rock song. Reminiscent of the punk bands from yester-years but with a person/modern flare for today. The lead vocals are yummy and the harmonies are a rich side dish. It may not be highly original or imaginative, but it’s a great addition to any rock playlist.

“Ancient Dust” – LUI HILL

Ok… this is it. My top pick of the week! Imagery of the gorgeous video aside, it’s musically magical and delicious. I adore the haunting synth/electric piano underneath the rich vocals and lyrics. Then, on the chorus, it really shines! The BGV’s are fantastical and tonal and the falsetto on the lead vocal is dreamy and airy. I’m a big fan of this song and I look forward to more music from him in the future!

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