Your Thursday Rock Tracks

Des Rocs – “Let Me Live / Let Me Die”

So this is a track I really don’t need to say much about. Just hit play and enjoy. That guitar is ridiculous. It hits like a hammer and soothes like a siren before reaching near combustion by the end of the track. “One night I was feeling fed up with the NY music scene after some whack mixer,” explains the artist. “I went back to my dingy basement in Brooklyn at 4 am and the entire song flowed out in 30 minutes. I kept all the original vocals and guitar takes from that night.” This is a total banger that you will love regardless of usual iTunes rotation.

Alteras – “Myself On Fire”

We caught up with this act on the recent Vans Warped Tour and they won us over immediately. If ever a band embodied the sound of that festival, it is Alteras. The Ohio rockers have a strong vocal dynamic, combined with a sound that will grip your ears and heart from start to finish. Signed to Revival Recordings, the band is set to make some serious news this year. We love them and are confident you will too.

Thursdays in Suburbia – “Against Us” / “Last Chance”

This band is raw but extremely talented. Vocally it has a much more matured sound then the teenage years the band finds themselves in. “Last Chance” has an almost Modest Mouse style guitar part that carries the song throughout, backed with dynamic vocals and a complete metal conclusion. “Against Us” has more of an ominous rock sound that is further carried by the siren style vocals. This act has some incredible potential and should be taken seriously as their sound continues to mature and break out.

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