Thursday’s Best Tracks

Rubblebucket – “Lemonade”

If you haven’t heard of this duo, you are welcome. Their mix of creativity and musical prowess is something of an art they have close to perfected. “Lemonade” is a track that is equal parts Beck and experimental jazz fusion. Vocally it is delivered with confidence over classic hip-hop beats before blossoming into a beautifully layered sound. The climax shows just how rare and brilliant this act is. The band is currently touring and will be releasing an LP on August 24th.

V Torres – “Seasons”

What we love about California songwriter V Torres is as varied as her eclectic sound and background. “Seasons” is a classic pop rock track with a tinge of slow burning blues mixed in for good measure. “You can have the seasons, but you can’t have me” the artist sings. Her ability is on full display on the new track. Listeners can tell that she is the same artist who released the popular “Violent Games” (Scott Pilgrim vs. the World) but her craft has only gained maturity as she has undoubtedly sharpened her sound. Having one EP under her V Torres moniker, the artist has released two singles since, and we hope more music is on the way. Her voice and style is something we need to hear more of.

Tempest – “Doomsday”

There is a psych doom sound throughout London based Australian artists Tempest. I have been caught in a ‘meaning of life’ spiral which I guess is pretty normal in your 20’s,” explains lead vocalist Toma Banjanin. “It’s the first time that I’ve felt so aware of my mortality and it probably doesn’t help that the Facebook and Netflix algorithms keep feeding me documentaries on the topic! Doomsday is about one of my many anxious spirals.” The guitar that opens and plays throughout the track is one of those classic riffs that stay with you. It brought to mind Tom Petty or current Ryan Adams, and this is an incredible feeling. Their EP comes out August 3rd and we are excited to hear more of their diverse sound.

Jaguar Dreams – “Dreams” (Fleetwood Mac Cover)

We don’t always share cover songs but this one was a must. The New York band briefly moved to the Amazon jungle to record their debut EP and this track shows some interesting band tendencies. It has a dark synth style but also brings a danceable sensibility to the classic track. The band is able to do the rare task of doing justice to a beloved track while still imprinting their own unique identity on it. The end result is something that must be heard.

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