An Indie-Pop Playlist That Will Make You Want to Move

I love all genres of music. I love hearing new songs from artists all over the world, from all walks of life, pursuing the beauty that is music-making. And some days, I just want some fun, upbeat, interesting indie pop to get me moving. This is one of those days! So strap in, kids, because you’re going to want to release your toes for tapping and stretch out your dancing muscles. (Or at least step-touching. Maybe even a snap or two.)


“Tables Have Turned” – Ralph

Fun beat, great vocals, catchy lyrics. Boom. I love the bouncy bass and electro rhythms throughout, making it almost reminiscent of classic R&B from the 80s and 90s. Not to discredit the modernity and hipness (is that a word? Eh, I’m going for it) of the overall tune. I love her octave-style vocal stylings on the chorus and fun, playful harmonies throughout. It’s a song to add to any summer playlist, as it makes you want to spend a day at the pool, with a fruity drink of choice in hand.

“On the Radio” – The Flavians

Right off the bat, the drums and piano of this song insight airiness and delight. Then the vocals begin and you’re like, “yep.” Weird sentences aside, at the heart of this fun song is a simplicity that makes the lyrics and vocals shine. And his vocals shine, honey! Plus, the fun “ooh’s” and “ba ba ba ba’s” of the chorus harmonies make me feel pure joy, and in a world gone utterly crazy, music that lifts the soul and makes you want to move are true gifts. Also, they have a fun band name. Flavians. Flavians. It’s just fun to say.

“Money” – Tom Anderson

Oh, um… yes, please. Vocally stellar, musically catchy but not redundant, and genuinely good song-writing. It’s kind of the perfect pop-rock tune. Money doesn’t buy love, sure, but this song totally could. Lyrically its fun and clear, full of declaration and adoration. With a sultry, nuanced voice and obviously a great songwriter, I know many will want to see much more from Mr. Anderson.

“Cooler” – Mikey Mike

To me, this song is less about the music but more the vocals. I know I say that a lot, but musically, this song is simple and fun (not a bad thing), but what really makes me enjoy it are the vocals and lyrics. It makes me feel warm, satisfied, and playful. The bridge lyrics about “no more” of the relationship drama is hilariously relatable and makes you feel empowered at the same time. A fun, upbeat song that also makes you feel strong is a nice addition to any pop playlist. Also, that album art is something inspired, isn’t it?

“Stop” – Paul Cook & The Chronicles

Road trip music. Plain and simple.

An awesome bass line and harmonies add to the lightness and dreaminess of the underlying musicality. “Can’t you learn to love?” Yes! I will try! Because this song makes you believe in the healing power of it. Classic throwback rock feels with a great modern lead vocal are full of heart and character. Like I said, wonderfully decadent road-tripping tuneage.


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