5 Modern Singer-Songwriters To Help You Face The Day

Need a little help facing the day ahead? Here’s some modern singer-songwriters to help your cause. (And give you the kick in the pants to own it!)

“Free” – Alex Francis

Things that make me feel happy; Baby laughter, a glass of wine, and a truly fantastic song. The song that did it for me this time was “Free” by Alex Francis. Warm, joyful, soulful, wonderful. It starts with some layered gospel-esque vocals accompanied by stylistic piano. Alex’s voice is full-on raspy power and one of those that you feel in your bones. Stellar vocals aside, the bouncing bass line and drums add to this blissful tune. It’s positivity and hope in musical form. Great songwriting and great musicianship — what more could you ask for?

“The Path” – Matt Sanders


There are not enough synonyms on earth to describe this song and writer. Ethereal, picturesque, and utterly and unequivocally beautiful. From his voice, the stunning piano, the delicate harmonies, the palpable lyrics, this is one artist who transcends genre and boundaries and just makes damn good music. Insecurities, fear, discourse, and the unknown before us as humans, nay a country, are explored in this song but if more musicians made music like this… I’d dare say we all could be healed. This is a song that will now be added to my daily playlist… my “need to listen to survive the day” playlist. (It’s a real thing.)

“Edge of the Universe” – Teghan Devon

Honest and clear vocals surrounded by a stripped-down electric guitar would, to some, seem too simple. But not to me, baby! I love hearing, seeing, feeling an artist who doesn’t need to hide behind flare to make stellar music. Ms. Devon’s vocals are really something to listen to and appreciate, and the subtle addition of various harmonies throughout are welcomed and precise. “Edge of the Universe” is a wonderful and beautiful love song. We could all use a little more love, eh?

“Mountain Song” – Kate Vargas

Oh, alright! I see you, Kate Vargas. I get it! And I’m so down for the adventure your music is sure to take me on. If you want a soulful gritty voice to take you to folk church, then “Mountain Song” is your “Amazing Grace” and Vargas is your Reverend. Lyrically, it’s one of the best on today’s list and it’s an interesting journey into mystery and entertainment. The sound is gritty and in the vein of the Black Keys but less show and way more heart. I will be following her, and I’m confident that we will see much more from this artist. (Most likely on some obscure but wonderful Netflix show soundtrack.)

“Milk” – Samia

We all know the saying, “No use crying over spilled milk.” We all know what that means. What Samia has done is make that simple concept into a profoundly beautiful song about being lost and moving on. Vocally, she’s honest and pure. Musically, it’s simple with basic chord strums and drumming. But this isn’t something to look down upon, as the simplicity of the music made way for incredible lyrics and performance to shine. This song gives me hope and is one to cause inspiration and feeling. Wallow for a bit, but remember, “it’s just milk… it’s just milk on the floor.” (Also worth mentioning, it’s a really well-shot music video!)


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