The Tuesday 5: Top Tracks For Your Week

Speak, Brother – “Man of Honour”

One of the newest tracks that is featured on their debut album, “Man of Honour” showcases the band’s unique ability to blend different styles and genres. Their unique sound will intrigue listeners in waves. Treading ground of acts like Manchester Orchestra and Kodaline, this track also has an uplifting pop sensibility to it. Musically, their strength is found in knowing when to get out of the way and let their terrific instrumentation take over. They are on the cusp of something great and we can assume they will be breaking past the label of buzz band in the near future.

Winslow – “Look at me Now”

We here at Ear to the Ground are big fans of the folk act Miner for lots of reasons. So when we heard that Kate from the band formed a side project, we got super intrigued. Winslow shows a more synth pop style that is generally missing from Miner, but keeps endearing lyrics that will bring new listeners while retaining longtime fans. The debut EP is expected out this fall and we think you will be looking forward to it as much as we are.

The Hubbards – “That’s Not Right”

The UK rock act have a flare for the catchy. With their new single, the act bounce between pop and rock with a guitar tone that is equally as impressive. Their sound has garnered the attention of many while earning some coveted spots opening for Foals and The 1975. This act is on the rise and is definitely a must hear.

Von Grey – “6 am”

6 AM was and remains a very personal song, lifted almost directly out of a lived experience,”  explains Fiona from rising folk pop actVon Grey. While we love the fully produced version, we felt that we needed to spend some more time with the song. It’s almost like reapproaching “6 AM” sonically gave us a second chance at revisiting and coping with the feelings, thoughts, and experiences that birthed the song in the first place. Stripping it down to its bare bones really forced us to live in a space of vulnerability that was part of a healthy, important healing process.” The young classically trained act is set to release an EP that we are sure will garner notice from fans and critics alike. Their haunting vocals and personal songwriting is refreshing and heart breaking, while their limited instrumentation at times makes it feel like you are in the room with them.

Ben Stitt – “Fade”

The deliberate style of Stitt is rare to find. He is an artist who knows the perfect amount of restraint while building toward a sound that will punch your soul in the best of ways. In The Dawn of My Days is his debut album, and “Fade” will have listeners eager to hear more. His songwriting seems easy, but it is only from intentional and talented songwriting that music like this is made. His heart shines through the folk sound, and the final product is something that will outlast us all.

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