3 Unexpected Hits To Start Your Weekend

Sannia – “Go And Get Over”

You might be surprised hearing this track here. We do not typically cover tunes like this, but we could not help it. I mean, do you hear those vocals? A true gem of a track, complete with soulful and hip styles that we are hard pressed to find any comparison. The production is subdued enough to showcase her vocals, yet it complements the track and adds a dynamic build to the overall sound. The artist describes the inspiration of the track like this: “This song developed really organically for me, I was actually driving home late one night and just sort of started singing the first words that came to mind to keep myself awake… Go And Get Over is about literally just that, the cyclical process of moving on from someone while at the same time reminiscing on everything that was and what it’s become now, which I think a lot of people can relate to. You almost go through these sort of seven stages of grief – leaving them, missing them, going back, getting hurt, and trying to exact change – it takes its toll.” We could not get enough of this one. If you like soulful songwriters with exceptional vocal range, then meet your new favorite artist.

Lui Hill – “Words Become Useless”

This is another standout track. With every instrument played by the German artist, the song is a modern jazz trio style that we cannot get enough of. The video shows the artist working the track with shots of a dark downtown LA filling capturing the style of the track. As it unfolds, listeners will be surprised at how the same lyrics can hit on different levels, and the build of the entire track will come close to combusting in a Chet Faker style swell. Again, this track seems simple, but that is what makes it brilliant. It captures the sound of the age, while dynamically setting itself apart from the crowded genre of artists.

The WLDLFE – “Towel”

Based on an old expression of surrender, the artist brings a classic love story – fighting for what seems broken – into a fresh sound. Vocal effects have never been our favorite weapon in the musical arsenal, but it works here. The track is a slow burner that hits listeners at every level. The video is a fun and colorful vertical experiment that works with the catchy track. The guitar in the background is not fully the star, yet really ties the overall sound together in a way that is admirable and appreciated. There is a lot to like here.

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