The Thursday Best

Them Swoops – “Piñata”

The boys in Them Swoops have a deliberate release speed. Valuing the single, the band has slowly released tracks one by one this year, and this one might be their best yet. Crafting a Phoenix style indie pop sound, the gang are find a catchy niche with “Piñata” that will have you dancing in your car, cubicle, or shower. Complete with fun guitar riffs and hoppy synth, the band showcase their embarrassment of riches when it comes to throwing shade at the current electro pop genre. These guys are for real, and as long as they release singles slowly, we will be hanging on every rapturous dance inducing note.

Sjowgren – “Better Off”

Sjowgren is a name we have been hearing from various tastemakers and on the occasional playlist, which of course got us intrigued. We have been loving “Better Off” since first play. The beautifully crafted pop track was originally intended for an act like Miley or Kacey, but recently the band decided they were better off recording it themselves. It has the sweetness of a love song, without the syrupy sweet pop vocals that turn hipster types like us off. The band has a perfect blend of indie cred, mixed with pop sensibilities.

Freyr Flodgren – “Over My Head”

The 25 year old Icelandic/Swedish songwriter had our hearts immediately with his dreamy folk style. After releasing music with various acts through the years, he has seemed to have found his voice with the incredible “Over My Head”. It floats throughout, but is beautifully present and layered as the track progresses. Tracks like this one are why we exist as a site. There is no reason why this track should not be in everyone’s favorite go to mix. It is contemplative but airy, and worth every bit of your attentive affection.

The Mooks – “Fools”

The Toronto rock act mix classic psych rock elements with Strokes flavor style and Spoon sensibilities. We know that is seemingly all over the place sonically, but these guys make it work. We have been listening this year, and they seem to get better with every release. In a world where many are trading in their rock credentials for catchy pop induced synth, The Mooks are doubling down on a style that seems to be passé by too many, and it works on every level. Recently they released a collection of singles and we highly suggest you give it a spin and enjoy.

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