4 Contemplative Tracks From Rising Artists

Tuvaband – “He Was in His Bubble”

Wow. We cannot get enough of this artist. The electro folk project with dark tendencies, is the project of solo artist Tuva who is from Norway and resides now in Berlin. Her voice has always been alluring, and what has previously drawn us to her singles, but this one has a different and maybe more vulnerable bent to it. The piano is haunting, and her voice has just the right amount of effects to both break your heart, and pierce your soul. We appreciate this artist for her unique blend of sounds and echoes and cannot wait for her upcoming album, which is due out later this summer.

Ashe – “Choirs”

The first single off her upcoming The Rabbit Hole EP, the American songwriter has a knack for clever wordplay in a way that reminds us of Regina Spektor. The track itself speaks of the frustration of the “choirs” in our heads and the artist’s desire to stand out and apart from a larger industry. It is catchy enough to be labeled pop, but endearing enough to give you indie cred. The balance is something magnificent to behold. Vocally she stands out while musically it keeps your ears glued to what we predict will be a big sound in ’18.

Astrolemo – “Haunting Me”

We love the downtempo vibe on this one. The restraint and deliberate speed of this one speaks of a mature artist who knows when to let a track break out, and when to let it ride out. This might just be the perfect night time contemplation track, or at least something to calm down your restless spirit. Vocally, it has some major Radiohead vibes, and might remind you of your favorite ’90’s alternative bands. There is something deeply moving about their sound.

Mute Choir – “Minefield”

We appreciate a big rock anthemic sound, and these guys have the style by the buckets. Their swelling sound builds through a maze of electro leanings and pop hooks. The new album, Behind the Bars, will for sure give listeners plenty of chances to rock out and float on. Leaning into themes of freedom and self-discovery, lead vocalist Sam Arion has  hit the right style both songwriting wise and vocally. This might just end up on one of your super trendy and understated playlists. Yes, it is that good.

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