Four reflective neoclassical pieces – Lunchtime Playlist May 28

Nay Shalom – “Nostalgia”
-One of my favorite things about neoclassical music is that it often evokes nostalgia for me, so when I saw the title of this track I was already interested. The title fits, too, as I was able to conjure many pleasant images, mostly from my early teenage years. I’m reminded of carnivals, going on rides, and being shy around pretty girls. I’m sure every listener has a different set of emotions listening to this track, but Nay Shalom have given me a gift of some wonderful memories, so I support the track.

Jonas Hain – “V”
-Hain writes some of the most relaxing neoclassical music I’ve found. His phrasing is almost conversational, which I find deeply rewarding. It’s the kind of music that is perfect for meditation and thoughtful reflection. If you are in need of something to help you concentrate or, conversely, to unleash your mind into a daydream, Hain’s calming neoclassical piano work will do the trick.

Manuel Zito – “Fernweh”
-Every once in a while a neoclassical piece has just enough cinematic charm to win my heart. Zito composed a beautiful piece that can do just that. There are moving strings that dance around a base element from the piano. Even the wind blowing sample sound on this one helps to convey and image. I can’t help but picture a scene in a film of a migration or a difficult scenario playing out with this stirring soundtrack in the background. It’s beautiful and moving all at once.

Nyxl – “A Place to Stay”
-Perhaps some would call this New Age more than purely neoclassical, but no matter the label this piece is evocative and interesting. The piano line is anything but predictable, changing up both tempo and articulation throughout the piece. Maybe I’m reading into it a bit too much, but I would say the “place to stay” here is something sought rather than something already attained. This is about the journey to seek that respite that might one day come.

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