The Tuesday 3: Exceptional Songwriters

Sara Kendall – “You Don’t Own It”

This Brooklyn based songwriter has a talent for writing powerful social commentary. On this track, she explores the all too common objectification of women. While we totally appreciate the content, the true magic of Kendall is her ability to soar vocally into rare talent spaces. The dark pop underpinnings set her up extraordinarily to showcase her haunting vocal talents. There is tons to like about her, and we look forward to her follow up to her debut EP Delicate. 

Ashley Koett – “Bye Bye Baby”

The more we hear from this artist, the more captivated we become. Her vocal lament on this one makes you feel the love lost rumination and her guitar echo only expands our melancholy. Vocally, she can croon with the best of them while musically she bounces from Motown to Jazz to more modern indie rock. The Boulder, CO artist shares ground with many of the staple songwriters such as Angel Olsen and Courtney Barnett, while crafting her own engaging and unique sound. Don’t sleep on this one.

Grace Turner – “Dead or Alive”

Turner has been a hit with our site for awhile. Her songwriting is exceptionally deeper than first expected. Her playful way to deliver lyrics are a true gift, yet her voice is refreshingly unique and also has the ability to punch when it needs to. “Dead or Alive” is an anthem of a track that further builds Turner‘s exceptional songwriting prowess. The Aussie artist pulls listeners immediately, almost making it feel like you are in the room with her, sharing the same headspace. If you dig the current indie songwriter renaissance, then look no further to one of our favorite new artists, Grace Turner. 

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