Tuesday’s Best Tracks

Firstworld – “Space”

The ambiguous project of South Florida based artist Kris Alvarez,Firstworld is a floating, visceral, and deeply engaging piece of chillwave. Featured on the artist’s upcoming EP, “Space” is beautifully layered and crafted to hit listeners on every level and preference. Firstworld is as talented as he is woke. The video for the track highlights an absurd Miami nightlife scene and the musician is able to raise existential questions within his infectious beats. We’re excited to hear more consciously crafted jams from this artist.

Hanging Valleys – “Fundamentals”

There is a deeply affecting mood that resonates in the intricately crafted art of Hanging Valleys. Falsetto vocals that crush and inspire combined with blended guitars that are both minimal and rich, gives the track an almost spiritual quality that is impossible to ignore. There will undoubtedly be comparisons to Bon Iver, and we do not discourage these, but there is something expertly crafted and original within Hanging Valleys that we fell in love with immediately. Their sparse lyrics and visceral sound will stay with you long after the track finishes.

Hindu – “Brighton”

This artist shares the same record label as indie darlings Warpaint and Bat For Lashes and one listen will tell you why that is a nice fit. The upbeat indie pop laced sound of the Ukrainian artist is fun and nostalgic. Her vocals might not hit everyone the same, but they are unique and bring a perfect complement to the pop undertones of her sound. They have a certain innocence to them that is endearing and all together lovely. With summer just around the corner, this may be the perfect soundtrack for the upcoming welcomed season.

Dash Hammerstein – “You and Your Boys”

This one grabbed us upon the first blissful listen. It is a bit unusual for us, but the laid back flow of this one reminds us of a psyched out Wilco or Mac DeMarco. There are few tracks that can connect with any listener, and this one might just be that sort of rare single. It floats and blends with any lifestyle, no matter if your day is filled with sunshine or board meetings. We especially love the harmonica solo backed with whistling. It glimmers in the way few tracks do.

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