What is “Electro”? Here’s 5 Genre Breakers

We get tons of submissions that describe itself by some shape of “electro”. While we never were huge fans of the genre, we now realize that the term is broader than we thought. Pop, indie, rock, and soul all have their place within the vast style. Below are a few of our favorites that can be classified this way. Enjoy!


James Supercave – “Something to Lose”

This one has incredible soul. The indie electro project received top honors in 2016 from Buzzbands LAfor their debut album Better Strange. With one listen of their newest single, we can tell the award is much deserved. Their ability to build upon different layers keeps listeners on the edge of their collective seats. The crooning of lead vocalist Joaquin Pastor is perfectly pitched and assists their groovy soul sound. This one has aMinus the Bear feel that is likely to make you dance, or the very least nod pensively.

Von Sell – “Digital Sleep”

After a brief hiatus, this self-taught songwriter is back with his first single after his self-titled ’16 debut. This one is beautifully layered with sounds and vocals before reaching a Radiohead style combustible climax. Clocking in at just under three minutes, the track covers a lot of ground and genre while launching your musical senses into a blissful orbit. If “Digital Sleep” is any indication, listeners should be in for some outstanding new music in 2018.

Joe Ghost – “Give Me The Night” ft. MKLA

This is a stunning and well-crafted piece of electro pop goodness. The Canadian producer Joe Ghostrecruited MKLA for this one, and she delivers the perfect amount of confident crooning to the backing electro sounds that rival any current radio hit. The best songs in this genre have an underlying dark vs. light theme, and this one is no different. A more pronounced metaphor, this track plays the best in late night drives or nefarious activities under the cover of darkness. Ghost has created a truly dynamic and pop friendly debut with Begin Again and you are sure to agree.

Worlds – “Comfort Zones”

The musical duo of Erica Driscoll and Anthony Polcino is compelling and well crafted. Both are accomplished musicians in their own right, but together they form something of a mysterious electro rock blend of rising pop, complete with a killer guitar solo. The band that best comes to mind for comparison is In The Valley Below, yet with a little less dark wave and cynicism. The duo has created something special here and we hope to hear more soon.

Joni – “Omens”

The LA based artist has a mysterious backstory that only adds to her allure. The sound she crafts easily dips in and out of various genres before resting in a space of its own. After spending time writing hit singles for other artists, Joni has applied her talent to delicately crafting her own image and sound, and it pays off. The song has some serious psych elements that float on, causing us to be more introspective, while the backbone of the track elicits some form of awkward dancing. We like this one a lot.

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