The Top Tracks We Heard This Week

Grymm – “Things You Hold”

The Brighton trio have incredible restraint on their latest single. Haunting and minimal at times, the song is easily one of our favorites of the year. “The relationship within the track is as much about mental illness than anything,” explains the group.“Portraying the kind of inner arguments, struggles and battles that litter the mind of anyone struggling with their mental health, as well as those in a bad relationship – which often takes the same toll on your life.” The build of the track seems ominous at it approaches a combustible conclusion. This gorgeously artistic band is one to keep an eye on.

BamBoo – “Bayou”

Sometimes you need a simple indie pop track accompanied with a colorful video showcasing the band members geeky dance moves. If you find yourself in that mood today, then look no further than the Canadian act BamBoo. Fun and refreshing, they have an understated talent for crafting catchy and infectious tracks that share space with Walk The Moon and Imagine Dragons. The video captures the band perfectly and leaves listeners with a good idea of what the band are about. We love this track and we love this act.

The New Travelers – “Nothing’s Wrong”

We appreciate acts with distinct vocals. Acts like Modest Mouse and Bright Eyes are rare, but have won countless of fans with vulnerable and unapologetic vocal exercises. Perhaps this is a big reason why we love this act. We love how the lead vocalist changes from a Modest Mouse tremble to more a Springsteen chorus. The end result of this one is a classic tempered rock song that will rise nostalgia and confidence in its listeners. This one does everything right.

Ada Belle – “Faces”

This post rock act is able to keep attentions usually starving for the skip button in complete transcendent bliss. Vocally it is show stopping. Beautiful with just enough production effects, it shows how completely engrossing the genre can be. Musically it treads on Explosions in the Sky territory, and this is a very good thing. Clocking in at over seven minutes long, the band explores their wall of sound without it feeling rushed or boring. The worst part of the entire track is when it ends. The space created is able to transport listeners from the worries of this life, to a brief moment of tranquility and possibility. Not since Bon Iver have we felt the way Ada Belle makes us feel.

Arson Daily – “Los Muertos”

Ever since their What’s On Your Mind EP, North Carolina act Arson Daily has had our attention. The rock act blends psych elements with gritty rock stylings in a way that brings to mind Cage the Elephant. Currently working on their second full-length album, the band has further honed their impeccable throwback rock sound. “Los Muertos” transports listeners to a time where rock reigned supreme and guitars were more the main course than a mere musical appetizer. The track fires on all cylinders and checks every box needed for a bona fide rock jam.

Motions – “Waiting to Tell You”

This is perfect late night driving music. It could easily be the soundtrack for those spiraling thoughts that come late at night when the mind is unhindered and free. Flavored with ‘80’s style and a little Tame Impala modernism, the Irish act craft a refreshing and enthralling piece of spacious indie goodness. The guitars really pick up toward the end of the track and make it come to a combustible end that is utterly intriguing. Vocally we think it is just as affecting and able to make your soul do backflips.

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