Stop Everything And Listen to These 3

Mr. Gabriel – “Tambourine”

We love these guys. The side project of Gabe from Kopecky and Mark from Foster The People carries with it the same energy and thrill of the aforementioned acts, but is also catchy as hell. Combining whistles with a thriving bass line, the band is firing on all cylinders on this bona fide hit. The band use the track as a devil may care middle finger to adult restraints, explaining their thought behind it: “Honestly, I usually write songs about two things: Love and how much I hate the Internet. But I also dislike paying taxes, because I still get shitty healthcare. So this ones a greaser for the man. Its a light hearted fuck you. Anyways, when does it not feel good to admit you have no control and at least make yourself dance?” The end result is a banger of a track we cannot get enough of.

Mobley – “Young Adult Fiction”

There are few artists as intriguing as Austin’s Mobley. He plays music that is as diverse as it is provocative. It makes sense that he calls it “post-genre pop” because of the impossible task to try and define it. Known for his creative multimedia live shows, including sharing the stage with some of the biggest acts, the artist does everything himself. The result is an aesthetic that is well respected by listeners and tastemakers alike.

Conversing With Oceans – “Tell My Daughter”

Okay, we get it. We cover this act on what seems like a weekly basis. There is good reason though. His down to earth lyrics are able to connect with casual listeners as well as astute music snobs. The electro leanings here are unique, refreshing, and vibrant. The ambient sound that musician Alex Bondarev crafts is something deeply rooted in the present, sounding unlike what has been heard before. This track especially tugs at the heartstrings of any parent, taking its cues from the birth of his daughter. Bondarev is the quintessential “everyman” who just happens to create incredible and compelling art. His third EP is available now and worth a listen.

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