The 5 Best Tracks From This Week

James Spaite – “Riverside”

This single off the singer songwriter’s sophomore album is a stunner. Pure and unhindered, it soars with folk goodness. The artist is accompanied with a duet that complements his sound wonderfully. There is absolutely nothing to not love her. The building flare on “Riverside” is everything you could ever want from your singer songwriter. Fans of Ben Howard and Bears Den will especially love this.

Melanie Baker – “After Hours”

Handclaps can make or break a song. There is something about a perfectly placed clap that is timeless and fun. Melanie Baker shows the perfect restraint on her latest single. An indie pop gem, “After Hours” is nicely layered and extremely catchy. A song about a distant and secluded space, listeners will wish to be with the songwriter as she finds the late night hideaway. Baker demonstrates her talent for mixing indie longing with pop sensibility. The result is nothing short of magical.

Hover Bored – “Safe Side”

This is a straight burner of a track. A fierce rock jam, the UK act crafts a punch to the gut that clocks in under two and a half minutes. Combining English cocksure vocals, with a nice blend of guitar fuzz, the young lads show a nice lo fi attitude that will endear them to the DIY crowd. “With our music constantly adapting, ‘Safe Side’ captures the progression we have made over the past year.” The band explain,“It began as a throwaway idea until we made it the ending of another song. We fell in love with the energy that this small interlude brought to rehearsals and shows; so we decided to make it a full track.”

Baba Sonya – “Chemistry”

The vocals of Rachel Gawell will wreck you. The perfect mix of melancholy and restraint, the artist has a knack for the existential exploration of relational longings. The duo is completed with Mike Costaney who adds a perfect degree of jarring instrumentation. The pair works well together at creating something refreshing and deeply moving. Their new EP,Nadila, is well worth a listen if you appreciate indie songwriting with electro and minimalist backing.

Joe Traxler – “Asymmetrical Life”

This London based artist is undoubtedly going to receive John Mayer comparisons, and deservingly so, his voice, style, and pop leanings all point to the polarizing songwriter. Even the song title could easily be found in the Mayer catalog. The lyrics behind this one are deeply personal as Traxler recently dealt with a prolonged bout of facial paralysis. Teaming up with well-respected session musicians and producer Steven A. Williams, the artist shows some introspective and affecting songwriting that will win listeners from all over.


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