The Tuesday Three: 3 Rock Tracks to Consider

Like Swimming – “Strike A Pose”

The Swedish act has some intriguing projects on the way. With a dual EP Resistance / Relations, the band hope to get all their political frustrations out on the first half, while leaving room for a more personal set of songs with the latter. The act is gaining attention through their synth heavy and catchy lyrics. Fans of Chvrches are sure to dig this band. Check out the first installment of their double EP on April 20th.

Welshly Arms – “Sanctuary”

We have been fans of this Cleveland band for quite a while. It was no surprise to us when they (finally) hit their meteoric rise with the mega-hit “Legendary” last year. Recently they announced a new album with their newest single “Sanctuary”. The single carries their rock prowess forward with their trademark gospel infused rock style. Their ability to carry a song while carefully adding compelling layers that hook listeners is increasingly impressive in an age of short sound bites. “Sanctuary” proves that the band is just getting started writing their history.

Take The Black – “Alive in the Moonlight”

This one is hard to describe. It just sort of hit us in the simplest of ways. It is a straightforward rock jam with an impressive guitar solo three quarters the way in. Yet, we listen to enough music to know how difficult this is. The band rely on their rock sensibilities to craft a track that is respectable and even a little fun. We appreciate their ability to not overthink and just simply play their strengths.

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