Tuesday’s Best Tracks

Sabiyha – “Wolf”

This is a must hear voice. The London songwriter has an overwhelming gift of stopping listeners in their tracks. Heavily influenced by folk tales, the artist showcases her talent for storytelling with “Wolf”, which follows a vivid story of wolf and moon. Her voice perfectly encapsulates the story, as it soars and punches in the most affecting of ways. The symbolism she uses is done nicely without becoming too cliché. She reminds us of acts like Run River North, if you are looking for comparisons, but make no mistake, her talent is rare to find.

Flynn – “Red Light”

This jam will play longer than the three and a half minutes it is allotted. The soulful vocals remind us of a modern Maroon 5, mixed with a little more soul. The track is ridiculously catchy and is only made better by a runaway video that is both picturesque and seductive. The single shows and up and coming band who is on the verge of a much earned break out. Their ability to blend sound and genre is spot on and further reason for fans of all styles to fall in love.

Foresteater – “Pretend Land”

This track is an anthem for anyone frustrated with the current national temperature. The pet project of multinstrumentalist Mikey Pro, was formed in 2015 after a psychedelic dream. His single is extremely catchy and is as fun as it is poignant. It has a bit of a throwback feel, harkening the sounds of former college bands like Death Cab For Cutie and As Tall As Lions but is also a more modern twist on the classic sound.


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