4 Incredible Songwriters Not to Sleep On

Stephen Babcock – “Atlanta”

FFO: Train, Clever songwriting

This is exactly the track you need in your life. A perfect anti-gloom single, Babcock has rare songwriting ability that is sure to bring him attention. His newly minted EP Fiction, is already garnering much deserved praise. The artist’s voice is both rustic and playful, while lyrically it keeps moving and guessing with incredible musical backing. It is a fun and catchy single that will pique your interest in the best of ways.

Joshua Worden – “Tennessee”

FFO: Chet Faker, Sufjan Stevens

This young songwriter is drawing many comparisons to Sufjan Stevens a la The Age of Adz, yet we think he is much more grounded than the ambiguous artist. We get a Chet Faker feel from his recent single but also hear a more optimistic tone and brightness than some of Faker’s work. His upcoming EP Cinders, is sure to win fans over from many different genres. He can mix soul with pop and minimalistic electro like few artists can. This is a track that stays with you in the most beautiful of ways.


Zach Adams – “Beachcomber”

FFO: The Strokes, friendly rock vocals that compel you to listen deeply

There is a nice mix of cool rock sounds with a refreshingly unique vocal range that makes the style of Zach Adams widely appealing. The artist borrows his guitar style from acts like The Strokes, while staying confidently in his own musical lane. “Beachcomber” is delightfully American and accessible to fans of all genres. The result is fun and intriguing. Look for his album Down The Line in April. It is sure to have you bopping and rocking in the best of ways.

Ralph Taylor – “Eyes”

FFO: Jack Garratt, Electro pop with a little soul

This 19-year-old UK artist has found a solid musical groove that is confident and expressive. The artist explains the single: “‘Eyes’ is the first single I’ve released that’s directly to do with me and my faith. It’s an ever-changing battle of mine and the song gives you a little glimpse into it”. Being raised next to a young Ed Sheeran, the artist was motivated to pick up an acoustic guitar and start a musical career at an early age. “Seeing him at a young age really inspired me and it’s what made me move away from just playing the drums and to start writing and singing,” explains Taylor. His soulful vocals are something that will endear him to many fans as he continues to build an inspired following.

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