Lunchtime Playlist March 26 – Calming neoclassical to nurse that h… appy meal

Tim Tulsa – “Up”
-I’m a sucker for vintage pianos where you can hear the clanking of the pedals in the background of a lofi recording. Tulsa’s sound is just lovely in that way. It’s the kind of piece that you’ll listen to and it literally calms you down. It’s beautiful phrasing that, for me at least, gets my creative juices flowing instantly.

Dominique Charpentier – “Miette”
-Aside from having a beautiful name, Charpentier also has incredible dexterity on the piano. This piece is pretty much quintessential neoclassical music for me. I’m not sure what to call it in technical terms, but the way the melody runs then walks then crawls then runs again… it just makes me feel like I’m on an adventure. Honestly, it makes me feel like a child running in a field again. It’s beautiful.

Joshua Spacht – “Aurora” ft David Urbinati
-This piece is the beautiful collision of a piano and a violin. There’s also a wonderful bass element to the track that makes it feel fully orchestral. The atmospheric (or is it cinematic?) feel of the track is inspiring to me. I keep listening to it over and over.

filmosound – “Grace”
-filmosound is easily one of my favorite neoclassical finds of 2018 thus far. Just listen to this delightfully light and tasty piece “Grace.” The piano just feels light as a feather. The chords seem perfect for the bright promise of spring. I don’t know the story behind it, but the carnivalesque style puts a smile on my face every listen.

Fiona Joy Hawkins – “Grace”
-Here is another piece with the name “Grace” but this one feels quite sad. It is the embodiment of tragedy, with a heavy depth to the piano and atmospheric vocal. It’s a bit of a melancholy piece, but it feels genuine as it approaches that emotion. With a bit of an ancient chant feeling to it, don’t be surprised if it elicits a spiritual response for you.

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