The Week’s Best Tracks

YEAST – “Black Nights”

Fresh off their second EP release, these boys from Lyon are back and better than ever. Their sound is tight and enduring on the new single “Black Nights”. While featured on the Netflix movie “Rip Tide”, this is a sure fire hit for anyone who has yet to discover the band. Their sound is highly accessible to listeners and is sure to win over fans from all over the globe regardless of genre preference. With its soaring vocals and bright guitar parts, the band has hit an incredible groove while showcasing what great band chemistry can sound like.

Blaudzun – “Islands_”

The creative project from Johannes Sigmond is a soaring mix of dreamy pop and endearing melody. Named from a obscure Danish cyclist from the ‘70’s, Blaudzun has already amassed two LP’s as well as performed at some large events such as SXSW. It is also interesting to note his multiple awards including the equivalent of the Dutch Grammys. His eyes are set on breaking through to a larger audience, and we believe with his new single, he is more than capable of doing so.

WYO – “Nothing But Love”

Wow. That is all we can say from one of our favorite up-and-coming acts from recent history. The guitar crunch grabs your attention immediately before the Ryan Adams-esque vocals. Their sound is a little difficult to classify. There is a definite classic rock base but the chorus makes us think of Oasis style Brit rock. The keys also make it sound like a Southern fried rock jam. Regardless of the genre, this is a mighty fine track from an incredible act. Their newly minted Untamed album is definitely worth your time.

Sneaky Little Devil – “In and Out of Love”

“Feels like I’m on my way to forever” croons Gregory from this husband wife duo with a large sound. That lyric alone gives us an eerie Pink Floyd vibe, but the way they build a track and develop a earnestly psych feel is a definite ringer for the act as well. The jazz influence is apparent throughout but it is also full of echoing vocals and transcendent instrumentation. The duo explains there writing process this way: “When writing a song, we’ll dream up these imaginary rules, decrees from a muse that must be obeyed if we want the music to reveal itself. For In & Out of Time, the main rule was “for every stretch of time that has singing, you need to follow it with an equal stretch of time where no one is singing.” The result is a track with so much open space it invites you step inside, maybe let go of whatever you’re holding onto and just float around for a while…” We appreciate their creativity and deceptively strong effort on “In and Out of Love”.

Pale Houses – “Hideaway”

We cannot get enough of these guys. On their second single “Hideaway”, the band breaks away from what we have heard before, while still maintaining their indie rock cred. The track is to be featured on their March 30th EP Songs of the Isolation, which is sure to resonate with more than a few listeners. The track starts a little slower before breaking out into soaring melodies and a catchy chorus. Fans of Manchester Orchestra style rock will definitely love these guys.

Yoke Lore – “Fake You”

This indie darling has been slowly attracting a wide-ranging audience through hip playlist placements from tastemakers as well as a forever on tour mindset. The project from a former Walk the Moon and Yellerkin member is nostalgic and hopeful. His new EP Absolutes is highly anticipated as the indie pop artist continues to craft excellent singles one after the other. Fans of Panda Bear and M83 will absolutely adore the new tracks. We don’t often make bold predictions in an unsure market like music popularity, but Yoke Lore is a sure fire next big thing. Jump on the bandwagon now before your friends do.

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