3 Incredible Genre Bending Hits

Topographies – “Pink Thoughts”

If ever there were a band that embodies the term “dream” pop, it is this Bay Area band. Mixing fluid and transient sounds with a shoe gaze spine, their sound is as lush and robust as anything you will hear this year. The nostalgic palette they work from is built on some of the classic bands of your troubled youth. Joy Division and Slowdive feature prominently in the band’s unmistakable sound. We could easily find this band headlining a big venue or playing a dingy bar. They are good enough to transcend their surroundings.

Meernaa – “Good Luck”

Can we even classify this sound? The soulful vocals play nicely with a classic blues-rock guitar while flirting with a jazz motif. The result is something that is sure to give you all the feels. They have been described as a nice blend of Solange and Grizzly Bear, and we like this but it still fails to do complete justice to their expansive sound. There are few tracks we feel that can bring everyone together and win a popular consensus. “Good Luck” might be one of those rare, one in a million tracks. It is that good. Look for their highly anticipated EP Strange Life, in June.


The Lonely Biscuits – “Afterglow”

Fresh off winning “College Artist of the Year” from MTV, the band teamed up with Cage the Elephant guitarist Nick Bockrath for this fun and lively track. Maintaining a throwback sound, the band is definitely hitting on all cylinders with the catchy riffs and lyrics. A mainstay on the festival circuit, “Afterglow” happened rather serendipitously. “I was about to leave for a flight, and I had a guitar idea,” explains vocalist Grady Wenrich. “I wanted to record it so I could write to it on the plane. Somehow, twenty minutes later we had a nearly finished instrumental. Twenty minutes after that, the lyrics were done and the vocals were recorded. It was one of those songs that came together super fast, in one wave, but it ended up feeling more natural than a lot of songs that we’ve spent months working on. And I still made my flight.”

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