Four Incredible Takes on the Rock Genre

VedeTT – “It Seems to be Natural”

Is there anything more existential than French indie rock? We don’t believe so. VedeTT have won us over with their melancholy shoe gaze style jams. On “It Seems to be Natural”, the band play to their strengths in a tiny room covered with an American flag and old movie posters. While still a little eerie, the band has moments of a bright sound similar to Foals. The group are able to build a dynamic sound that is captivating and expressive. The end result is something beautiful to withhold and will surely have you thinking of existence and its surrounding limitations.

Ethel & The Chordtones – “Let It Out” (feat. Ryan Levine)

This is a straight up rock jam. We love the energy and explosive instrumentation. From start to finish, you know what you are getting into immediately. Few acts make tunes like this that burn quickly and clock in at less than three minutes. This is a rock band that is disciplined as much as they are passionate. It is no wonder that the act has had more than a few song placements on shows and advertisements. Their style mixes great with the immediacy of such media. You’re going to like this one.

Mono Club – “Best Laid Plans”

This one is less rock than our previous features, but equally as enthralling. Their sound floats and weaves through the listener’s conscience like a dream while keeping them grounded with the perfect guitar solo and instrumentation. Their sound lingers like a good Tame Impala track, but is highly accessible and relatable. It has similar lyrical stylings of acts like Phoenix. We were captivated by their sound and were shocked at the brevity of their single. We definitely want to hear more.

The Honest Heart Collective – “I’ve Got You”

This Canadian act has perfected the sound of American rock. Their sound transcends borders and will connect with a diverse population of listeners. We have a bias towards bands that sound like The Gaslight Anthem, and this is a perfect example. It is difficult to make a head on rock song that plays to heartstrings and leaves you feeling nostalgic, but this act is close to perfecting the craft. Their big wall of sound is something fun and intriguing. Be on the look out for a new LP in the spring.

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