The 5 Best Tracks From The Week That Was

DONCAT – “Try to be Someone”

There is something strangely arresting in the sound of Duncan Nielsen’s musical project DONCAT. It is smooth and airy while still maintaining a grounded earthly vibe. On “Try to be Someone”, the artist creates a guitar echo that is eerie in some points and downright War on Drugs in others. Vocally it is easy to look past his euphoric style. It makes sense that he is based in San Francisco; his sound embodies what we Midwesterners believe the air sounds like on the coast. He has been featured in quite a few TV shows and has toured with some bigger acts, and rightfully so. DONCAT is something special.

The Ready Set – “Life in Pink”

These indie electro pop darlings are back and just as sharp as ever. The project of Jordan Witzigreuter, which he started in 2009, has found a good share of success previously with more than 2 million singles sold and the commercial hit “Love Like Woe”. With his new track, he returns to what he does so well. Catchy, nostalgic, and fun, his art for crafting spot on pop tunes is on point on “Life in Pink”. If you like acts like Owl City and Matt and Kim, then this is definitely up your musical alley.

Mammoth Indigo – “Flowers in The Basement”

This band’s sound is brimming with intrigue. With Interpol style precision, the act are earnest, contemplative, and incredible. The Richmond, VA band are found in rare company with “Flowers in The Basement”. Lyrically, they are highly artistic and expressive, while musically they crush and bend genres with reckless abandon. Their sophomore album “Wilt” is expected to be released soon, and we are buzzing around the Ear to the Ground offices to hear more combustible rock tracks from these guys.

Malena Zavala – “A Vision That’s Changed”

April 13th is circled in giant red letters on our music release calendars. This is when the album, Aliso, from Zavala will drop and we cannot wait. Her swaying croon is something that simultaneously breaks our heart, while giving us hope for the future. “A Vision That’s Changed” is gentle but incredibly honest and lovely. We especially love the guitar solo she throws in toward the end, which somehow works within her sound. There will undoubtedly be comparisons to Angel Olson, but we think Malena Zavala treads her own territory with a sound that is highly compelling.

Callum Pitt – “Happiness”

The music of Callum Pitt is incredibly endearing. Sweet and engaging, Pitt draws you in like a best friend and confident while lulling you into believing the results of your life will turn out okay. “Happiness” will force you to clap along, or at least tap your weary feet. It is difficult to classify his sound. It is too honest to be pop but not completely folk. We think this is the artist’s strength. He plays in a field all his own, and the result is lively and refreshing. We are excited to share this UK singer songwriter with a larger audience.

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