The Finest Tuesday Dream Folk Tracks

Freedom Baby – “When We Go”

This one has all the feels. A nice mixture of folk and indie rock, the band are able to construct an emotive and vulnerable exposition on death. “The song is an ode to death and dying; both an acceptance of the loss of loved ones and a hopeful questioning of the ideas of rebirth and existence beyond a physical death,” explains band members Eric and Brianna. “We wanted the instrumental elements to relay this depth of emotion. The cycle of death and rebirth is often seen as a heavy and philosophical topic, but we felt that it captured our direction in terms of our musical style as well as our personal thoughts and inspiration.” The song begins with a beautiful lullaby of instrumentation before launching into both melancholy and hopeful lyrics. It then comes to an explosive finale that transcends genre and purifies the soul.

Maria Kelly ft. Ailbhe Reddy – “Threads”

This one is the definition of ethereal. The shared vocals bend and rise through minimal accompaniment. There are tracks that simply make you feel a variety of emotions regardless of genre, and this is one of the finest. A fine exploration of sound and space, both women are more than capable of finding success with the masses this year. Few tracks reverberate within our soul like this one does. It is a can’t miss dream folk exploration of beauty and purpose.

Mt. Joy – “Dirty Love”

We were excited when we hear new music from this act. You might remember their surprisingly theological release “Astrovan”, which racked up over 5 million streams as well as captured our collective attention. Now with “Dirty Love”, the band’s sixt single, they are further cementing the anticipation for their debut self-titled album due in March on Dualtone Records. They have garnered comparisons to Fleet Foxes and The Head and the Heart, but their talent goes beyond popular comparisons. The band has something special here, and you can assume their band exposure will only increase with their next release. Their strong songwriting and melodies are a talent to be reckoned with.

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