Vintage Country Crooner Miller Campbell Doesn’t Disappoint

There has been a resurgence of classic style country in the recent months and we fully embrace this. Perhaps it is a call for something familiarly vintage or being fed up with the pop country blaring from many radio stations. Whatever the reason, we are in full support of the comeback. Seattle artist Miller Campbell is among the artists rediscovering the roots of country, while blending it with a fresh twist. Campbell, who is a cousin to the great Glen Campbell, is hot off the release of her debut EP Sweet Whiskey. The title track is a perfect mix of loss and country melancholy. Her strength is found in her instrumentation, which knows the right blend of slide guitar. On “Obsession”, we find the artist a little more upbeat with a classic country outlaw tune worthy of a Miranda Lambert album. The narrative of this one is especially confident and refreshing coming from Campbell. She has garnered the attention of Billboard and will only continue to win the notice of fans throughout the country listening spectrum. She is a fresh voice with an old soul.

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