An Indie Rock Playlist You’ll Be Glad You Found (before your friends)

Check out these bands that are just flat out cooler than you. Honestly this is some really interesting music that keeps me coming back for more. I can’t possibly follow all of these bands, so I’ll pick some favorites. Which is yours? Share your fav on FB, Twitter, or IG and we’ll give you a digital high five!

Mr Carnivore – “Knees”
-This is a jam track that I find ridiculously satisfying. I mean it’s about begging and it works so well. I love the chord progression, vocals, and full rock sound. It’s like the natural evolution of the 60s rock revolution. I plan to come back to this track a lot in 2018.

Jeremy Hunter – “Some Anyone”
-Jeremy Hunter’s style is intriguing. Sometimes he reminds me of a sort of alt rock “devil may care” rocker from the early 2000s. Other times he reminds me of one of my favorite songwriters, Matt Thiessen. No matter what you hear in his style, this driving anthemic track is sure to make some fans out there. It’s a really complex tracking with a lot of satisfying rock layers.

Jocks – “Riddle Me This”
-This band Jocks is a lot like the 1975, which is a band that a lot of new music compares themselves to. But Jocks really deserve that comparison. There’s a ton of great energy in this track. And even though the synths feature prominently here, they manage to not sound like an 80s cover band, which is great. The air and atmosphere of the song feels hip and exciting, like you’re out with your super trendy friends for the night. I dig it.

Glass Tides – “Forever”
-Glass Tides have a rock style that appeals to me because it has an emotional core that hits me deep. Sometimes yelled vocals do not work, but here they seem to resonate. The best comparison I know here is a band called Breaking Benjamin. If you like that kind of rock, this track will be appealing to you. Get sad and let it out, ya’ll. It’s good for you.

Crooked Kings – “Reta”
-This fast paced rock track has a really nice hook on the guitars. It’s got a smooth vibe to it that reminds me a little of the Red Hot Chili Peppers. The cool style is maintained with a quality lead vocal and thoughtful lyrics about a broken relationship. It’s solid alt rock.

Born Savage – “Back and Forth”
-“I’ve had enough of the back and forth… why don’t you make up your mind.” OH can we all relate to this or what? What a great lyric and theme for a song. But then the performance is on point, with some heavy percussion to set the beat and a nice sing-along vocal. This track just begs for the dance floor. You know when you make that face that only your drunk friends appreciate because you’re feeling it and you bust out those high school dance moves. Go on, girl, get out there and dance!

We Were Glue – “Stuck in Love”
-This song feels like a pop punk track a bit, but it’s definitely solidly a rock track. The relatable lyrics are about reconciling a complicated relationship. It’s full of emotion, but has really good balance that gets you moving but you can still hear the words. It’s just the right kind of melodic energy and danceable groove that keeps us coming back to pop rock as a genre. This is just a good time, even if it’s about a sad topic.

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