YouTube Gems That Restore Faith in the Music Video

PLYA – “Adrenaline”

This is a prime example of how a music video can make a good song, great. The dynamic electro pop stylings are only further exemplified with the interactive 360-degree video. We appreciate the sheer straightforward performance aspect, but we love how we can watch what we wish during it. The band is energetic and sold out to the sound they craft, firing on all cylinders on their latest single. They shed any unnecessary extravagance in favor of a showcase of the band’s palpable chemistry. This one is special.Take some time to play with the angles.

Final State – “Changes”

Again, a sheer performance goes a long way in endearing a band to a new audience. This Canadian act has crafted, in black and white goodness, a video that shows off their many strengths while keeping a deeply artistic ethos in tact. A guitar echo that punches and soulful vocals that stick with you, the band has a tight and intriguing sound. Occasionally flashes lyrics on the screen help to break up the already surprising track. It was difficult for us to label different influences and similar bands on this one, and we love when we come across musical enigmas such as Final State. Keep a look out for their upcoming album. It is sure to have some killer tracks.

Machine Age – “Fighting” (unplugged)

Another black and white performance gem, this one has two members on the same piano crafting a stripped down version of their single. The strength of the band is its subtlety. They build and build, adding layers of talent until you are in full-blown love of the track. The shots of the piano are intriguing as the act launches into a great and genre bending instrumental. Vocally, there is a lot to love too. In a video like this, the voice is a powerful instrument. The payoff is rich on this must see video.

Fader Friend – “Light And The Dark”

This San Antonio rock act balances a nice mix of current style with the vibes of the early 2000’s. The video shows an energetic and near combustible performance that will definitely have you loving them. In a small room, anchored with instruments and lights, the video shakes draped in rock abandon. Fader Friend sounds like your next favorite band, and a performance like this will only further solidify their spot in both your heart, and your iTunes library.

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