Thursday Two: 2 Rising Songwriters You Need to Know

Amy Guess – “Sorry”

“I’m sorry, sorry, that I’m not sorry” sings the Canadian songstress. The track is confident and enduring as she crafts a strong anti-love song on “Sorry”. Backed with the perfect amount of piano, her dark pop vocals punch and twist with a snarky brilliance. She sings on the track:”We write our stories, we define our breaking point, no one can destroy in us what we refuse to allow them to. only we hold those keys. know your strength, know your worth, always keep your head high.” Her songwriting goes beyond your standard electro pop artist and truly stands out in a class of its own.

Emily Shirley – “Streetlight Glow”

The music of Shirley beautifully captures the thriving Austin music scene. Her ability to craft tight outlaw country tinged tunes, while still telling a compelling story is a rare find. Perhaps what makes her even more impressive is her ability to balance her own graphic design business and being a mom, while still creating music of the highest order. “I had to carve out my solo space and find a way to let music work with my lifestyle,” she explains. After releasing a series of impressive singles, Shirley released her DuoTone EP. On “Streetlight Glow” we hear a nice blend of genre and songwriting that will make listeners of all persuasions perk up immediately.

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