Awolnation’s Newest Video for “Handyman” is a Warm, Lyrically Impressive Gem

Awolnation’s mastermind Aaron Bruno recently released the group’s third album, which is a welcome evolution of the band’s sound. Case in point, “Handyman” is a described straight up love song with some of the most personal lyrics of their career. Starting with a classic acoustic guitar vibe, it launches into their trademark soaring song structure. After a series of singles released from the Here Come The Runts album, the band shows a welcome change in style with the nostalgic track. Bruno explains he “finally wanted to tell a good ole fashion love story. We all have the opportunity to be the handyman (or woman) of the heart . . . I think people are getting really burnt out on hearing robotic instrumentation and robotic vocals. And while I’ve never had robotic vocals, I’ve had a lot of electronic elements.” The result is a warm track with some of the best lyrics of the newest release.

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