Three Catchy Rock Jams

Loud Forest – “Out of My Head”

The married LA duo has a talent for creating catchy tunes. “Out of My Head” plays like a Matt & Kim track and is every bit as fun. They mix electro pop with textured rock drums and the result is something special. The level of playfulness and energy is only matched with a sense of love for their art. The duo is firmly placed on solid indie ground here and will only continue to climb into the ears and hearts of the masses who dance along to their infectious tunes. It goes without saying, we love this act.

Retro Kid – “Neon Colours”

Layered with careful precision, “Neon Colours” is a dance-inducing track your day needs. The saxophone is definitely a great touch as it punches into electro territory. The first single off their debut album, the track is a love song to the act’s favorite bodega / pub in Copenhagen. The nostalgia of the jam comes out through the wall of sound constructed beautifully. The vision is executed well on this one and will connect with many. Barfly or not, this one will have you raising a cheers to catchy tracks.

Modern Me – “Dead to Me”

How can one voice do that? This is the resounding feeling we had at listening to the San Diego indie pop act. Vocalist Adam Lamah has range and surely has a blast on the classic break up track. The emotive, yet playful track was crafted in a way that shows the talent and chemistry within the band. Lamah explains: “Writing and tracking this song was so fun. Michael and I had already been working on the song for about a month by the time we brought it to our producer (Adam Castilla). We were sending him voice memos of updates we had on the track. We were in pre-production and I was sitting across from Castilla and he kept challenging me on the chorus; all of the sudden I just heard the melody in my head and I heard the words ‘Now you’re dead to me, now you’re dead to me, all of this emotion.’ Tracking was a blast although unfortunately during a food run I got into a car crash with a postal service car. The magic moment that we had while tracking DTM definitely has to be when it came to tracking the lead part for the bridge. Castilla hit record and told Shawn to just go for it. Shawn came up with that lead on the spot and it’s probably my favorite part on the song.”

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