The Weekend’s Best Playlist

Fergus – “You or Nothing”

There is something incredibly special here. I mean, just listen to the melting vocals of the young songwriter. Add that with the powerful but restrained electric guitar, and you have one of the most interesting debuts we have heard recently. Spending his formative years touring with choirs and playing cello, his talent in out of the question. After a period of burn out, the artist rediscovered his love for music, and in “You or Nothing”, he has found a melancholy voice that stands out from his contemporaries.

Bed Scene – “Day in a Dream”

There is a definite dream quality to the music of Bed Scene. They seamlessly blend psych, shoe gaze, and rock with pop sensibilities. Full of wanderlust, this track will elicit different feelings to different audiences, but they are all sure to agree on the palpable talent here. Hot off their debut EP, the band is geared for a big ’18 as they expand their expansive sound throughout America.

Isadora Eden – “Simple”

This aptly named track is crushing and heartfelt. Reminding us of the confessional songwriting of Laura Marling and Julien Baker, Eden is able to craft genuine tracks that make you feel like she is playing for an audience of one. “Everything is so simple isn’t it? It’s love, or it’s hate. It’s choice or it’s fate,” Sings the talented songwriter. It is amazing what a voice and a guitar are able to produce. No matter the age or space, every generation needs voices like Eden’s.

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