This is What a Hit Song Sounds Like

Keels – “Cold Winter”

The UK artist Keels, has an urgency that makes his sound extra appealing. Mixing Imagine Dragons style choruses with poignant lyrics, the act has tapped into an arena sized style that is sure to win many over to their brand. An upbeat, but devastating track, “Cold Winter” has a deep sense of longing and nostalgia, and it sounds like a hit. Keels has been winning fans over by the masses in 2017, and we can only see a continuation of that in ’18.

Palace Winter – “Take Shelter”

The Denmark act might be one of the most exciting we have heard so far this year. The sound of “Take Shelter” portrays just how talented they are; readily able to create genre-bending tracks without much effort. The harmonies speak of a folk sound, while the electro elements remind us more of a Radiohead effort, only more accessible. The epic quality of this band is matched by their artistic restraint. A younger act might explore the dark recesses opened by the track, yet they know how to leave audiences wanting more. “Take Shelter” is the first single of their new album which is set to drop in May.

Northern National – “Slow Down”

This has all the makings of a hit. Catchy as hell, “Slow Down” blends indie electro with stadium sized rock, and it works masterfully. The first single off their second EP, D.A.R.K., the band recently toured with Blue October, and though fitting in their style, has a bigger sound that soars and crunches with pop conviction. The drum keeps a perfectly straight backbone of this rock testament track, while the vocals remind us of a Cold War Kids B-side. Northern National are due for a huge year and deservingly so.

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