All Things New: 5 Retro Fresh Acts To Know

Van Der Neer – “Everybody Knows”

This one bursts into your headphones like a Queens of the Stone Age desert strewn jam. Even vocally, it reminds us of the seminal rock act. Yet, they tread their own musical path with “Everybody Knows”, their first single from their debut Quicksilver. This is a total banger of a track with killer drums that attempt to bring rock and roll back into the mainstream and nearly does so. The band chemistry is exceptional and the sound they construct is tight enough to think they have been playing together for years. We love a straightforward rock track and if you do too, look no further than this one.

The Dropout – “Old Parts, New Beginning”

This act is one of the most interesting and gloriously breaking acts we have come across recently. Mixing pop sensibilities with jazz undertones, the lead single from their new EP, is something of an instant classic. Their influences bounce between Alt-J and Passion Pit, but the band plays well in their own musical sandbox. The sound tells of a much bigger band than a single DIY fanatic, Andrew Ficker. We love creative tour de forces, and this might be one of our favorites.

Sure Sure – “Giants”

It is rare for a band to so wonderfully craft such tongue in cheek lyrics with an incredible bouncy sound. The band who have Grizzly Bear’s tweet of approval are able to craft fun tracks that fire on every indie cylinder with reckless abandon. “Giants” is the sort of tune you share with friends or play with the windows rolled down through sun-drenched streets to nowhere. Their latest release is as carefree as this track and earned them a touring spot with fellow indie faves Hippo Campus. There are few bands like Sure Sure, make sure to soak up their sounds now before your friends are telling you about them later.

High Tropics – “You Never Made It Easy”

Do you miss the fuzz guitar jams of the early 2000’s? We do too. Luckily, Josh Stewart is single handedly bringing it back with a modern update. One part Strokes, and another part Interpol, the musical machine from the Aussie musician is something fun, bright, and tightly woven with endearing pop leanings. The vehicle is picking up notoriety in Australia and will continue to grab the attention of those of us who still love that New York sound that is still as cool as it is dynamic.

Western Scene – “Strange But True”

After their debut EP, Listening, was released in ’13 LA front man Tom Pritchard knew he wanted more. The album, produced by Hugo Nicolson (Radiohead / Primal Scream) was a commercial hit and pushed the boundaries of what a retro pop rock band could do when they were unleashed. The new single is a thriving New York sound wave that reminded us of a buried Springsteen jam peppered with a ever present ‘80’s vibe. We dig this one for its emotive quality and how it paints a nostalgic feel throughout our headspace.

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