3 Fresh Need to Hear Bands

Dunbar – “Cary Grant”

This St. Louis act combines the guitar precision of Foals with the cool pop of a 1975. They can simultaneous make you dance and rock out. Guitar solos and sick drumbeats are sure to win over an eclectic audience. Their strengths are found in their pop anthems and rock leanings. Fresh off an opening slot for Daya, the band is prepping what is sure to be a big year.

POM – “Stoop Lady”

If this one doesn’t make you dance, you may be soulless. The opening groove is sick and has us hooked immediately. The band recently released their killer EP, Enter the POM, which is rich with beats and melting vocals that would mistake it for a lost Lana Del Rey album. With a hint of M83, the band constructs straightforward but memorable electro pop that guarantees a good time. In such a divisive culture we live, the music of POM might be exactly what the times call for.

The Lifers – “Front Door”

There is a word for folk like this: Powerhouse. The duo crafts a balanced mix of catchy folk sing-alongs with the punch of a rock duo. “Front Door” has a gospel tinge to it that endears them to a variety of audiences. The accordion swells are also something to marvel at past the typical banjo that many acts in the genre settle for. The sisters have their collective hand on the pulse of something special here. Their sophomore release is set for May, but this track has us all kinds of excited for the spring.

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