Your Perfect Eclectic Weekend Playlist

Amparo – “Balderdash” / “Lidkoeb”

This artist has an ambient and crushingly atmospheric sound. The instrumental of “Balderdash” was made perfect from a trip in the woods of Sweden. The artist borrowed a guitar from a friend, and then got back to looping and gentle plucking. The emotive quality in “Lidkoeb” is palpable and heavily alluring. If you dig acts like Explosions in the Sky, then you will love this. Amparo treads their own ground however. It has more of a gentle dynamic quality that sets it apart. Be on the lookout for more tracks in 2018.

Labrose – “No Color”

The music of Labrose has a special place in my heart. The downtempo soul is on point on the new EP Thinking Out Loud, and should be essential listening for anyone interested in the genre. “No Color” plays out like a spiritual rumination on life and faith in each other. It is extremely relevant and captivating, while it carefully layers different vibes and sounds. Take a listen to his stellar EP on Soundcloud; it is the perfect tunes for a late night drive or meditation session.


Marcwa – “Love Seemed Starry”

If you love piano driven pop, look no further than the classic heartbreak tunes of Marcwa. “Love Seemed Starry” has a sort of Ben Folds meets Matt&Kim style and it works so well. The track builds and comes together nicely in a slew of rapid-fire lyrics. We understand you have to have a certain tenderhearted taste in music for tracks like these, but we suspect that even the hard-nosed listener will find something redemptive in his sound.

Hemi Moore – “All My Sins”

This track is deeply personal and intimate. It has a quality of a prayer said in secret and a song sung for the audience of one. “All My Sins” could easily be mistaken for a Hozier side B track. It’s soul and vulnerability is captivating to listen to and we are frustrated for the little info and music available from Moore. We are hoping we hear more from him in the following months and are sure you will agree.

Grace Turner – “Angry”

If this one sounds like the perfect road trip track, it might be because it was written in a car making its way around rural France. If any song ever has a location associated with the sound, it is this one. It bends and dips as the unexpected journey of a broken road. Covering love and alcoholism, the artist has a gift of making deep and pensive tracks that grab every bit of attention you can muster. Turner has found the delicate balance between melancholy and hope. She is definitely a rare find.

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