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Apparently folks really do want to win a review on our site so they often share the poll with their fans. How great is that!? If you are here because one of these fine artists sent you over, please do more than cast a vote. “Like” our page and stick around for more fun artists like these. Without further ado:

Flyte – “Faithless”
-We feature lots of indie pop around here, but when you click play on this track you are no joke going to think you’re listening to the late 60s Beatles. This is a phenomenal sound and I absolutely love the harmonies here. The keys provide a glorious backdrop to the incredible harmonies that are sure to melt you. I would love to know how many thousand times they listened to Sgt Peppers. I bet it’s a lot.

Dom Youdan – “Tigerlily”
-One of the best things about running a website is that people literally all over the world can find us. This submission comes from across the Pacific Ocean, but I’ll tell you he’s singing about the same emotions that we have over here. The resonating emotion in this song keeps me coming back for more. Australian Dom Youdan made a fan out of me with this excellent, subtle electric folk track.

Swingin Hammers – “Breathe Again”
-Maybe I’m swayed by the artist name, but I can’t help but hear a working class musician style to this track. It’s about grit and hard work and raw emotion. It’s actually a blues song, dressed up with some phenomenal vocals and great keys work. It’s a love song from a brokenhearted person and oh my word can we all relate. Sir, you may swing hammers and sing this lament all the livelong day.

Alex Hedley – “Let it roll on”
-Hedley spends a large portion of this song at the top of his vocal range, showing a strained spirit, I suppose. But not only that, the man clearly is talking about something that’s ripping him up inside. The harmonic work here, laying over the guitar part, really feels comfortable. It’s like a blend of hobo folk and something a tad more orchestral. The takeaway, for me, is a smile.

The Habits – “Feeling It”
-One of the best parts of writing this weekly feature is the opportunity to feature absolute rising stars. The Habits are one of those bands with a sound that makes you think, “wait, did I hear this on the radio?” Odds are, not yet. But soon. These guys have the “it” factor when it comes to pop-pallatable rock that still has some guts to it. I could totally hear this on rotation at the local college rock station.

Shyla Buff – “An Indication”
-Aside from having a hilariously perfect name, Shyla Buff is actually really good indie rock. The vibe here is chill and easy to relax to. There’s a really awesome overall guitar part that provides the perfect basis for the understated harmonic vocals. I can’t tell if they’re layered vox or actual multi artists singing in harmony, but they do it well. The song’s enigmatic lyrics lend creedence to the brilliance of the art as a whole.

Matt Hartke – “Sign Me Up”
-I try not to overuse the adjective “adorable” about the serious work of singer songwriters, but this song is freaking adorable. It’s about growing old together. So the opening melody is just fine, but the harmony on the chorus is TO DIE FOR. This is a really great song that should totally be on like a jewelry commercial or something. They happy handclappy part just punctuates the already pure sweetness of the song.

Preetam Sengupta – “Patience”
-Fans of William Fitzsimmons should take notice of Preetam Sengupta and his wonderful new music. This is the kind of expressive folk music that we love to cover. The lyrics are thoughtful and plaintive, reflecting on love generally and what seems to be love in a specific context. It’s a song that will have you humming along in no time with an enjoyable melody and relatable lyrics.

Kyle Lionhart – “Sweet Girl”
-This track came out in May and we somehow didn’t run across it until now, but wow are we glad we did. This is some soulful stuff! Fans of John Mayer from the Room for Squares era will really dig this track. The bluesy inflection in Lionhart’s vocal is exceptional. The whole composition is sophisticated but feels quite familiar. We are looking forward to hearing much, much more out of this talented and rapidly emerging artist.

Wild Child – “Expectations”
-On a scale of 1-10, I love this song an 11. I mean, honestly it has a lot that I love in music. There’s a great rhythm, some clever chord changes, and a sassy lead vocal. The genre is kind of a mashup, at times feeling like some old school dirty rock, other times feeling like a rootsy, blues jam. At the end of the day, though, it’s an anthem about how absolutely frustrating and difficult relationships can be. Fans of Lake Street Dive will eat this up. What a song!

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