The 4 Best Tracks We Heard Today

Dana and the Wolf – “Him”

The electro indie stylings of this duo are spot on. Their strength might be how tight they are able to wind their sound, without adding frivolity or unnecessary bells and whistles. The way they blend folk and classic rock guitar within their space is also something to be admired. After being together for a decade, the duo have released a set of singles wrote during that time, and each one is more interesting than the last. “Him” smolders with confident assertions and groovy riffs. Get after this band quickly now before you regret it later.

Josiah and the Bonnevilles – “Swing”

If you love your folk with flares of indie and pop sensibilities, then look no further than this Morristown, Tennessee act. “Swing” is a building Judah and the Lion style jam that resolves to make you feel something. We were hit with a wave of nostalgia for past doomed relationships when we heard this incredible new track. In an effort to convince a lover to take one more “swing” at forever, the music plays nicely with some deeper than imagined lyrical structure. There is something special within their sound, and we must be careful not to simply label it “folk pop”. There are shades of the greats here, such as Dylan and Cohen.

Foreign Air – “Chakra Daemon”

This might be the best band you might not be hip to already. Their incredible EP For The Light garnered 15 million plus streams and is worth every single one of them. The alt-electro act are prepping an equally impressive set of songs for their upcoming LP set for ’18, which is produced by friend of the site Phil Ek (Run River North, Father John Misty, The Shins). The songwriting is intriguing if not downright Lynchian. Drawing from evolution, bio-mechanics, and even the enemy of the sent email, Mailer Daemon. Their sound is both romantic and lonely, mixed with a desolate future sound that comforts as it disregards. This might be our most intriguing act of 2017.

Homaze – “Knew About Me”

It is an over used comparison to liken all electro acts to the XX, yet there are elements in the Switzerland bedroom pop sound that harken such a lofty comparison. The duo share vocals while mixing minimal sounds with a solid soulful groove you can’t help but sway to. We are also reminded of acts like Chet Faker and even Passion Pit when we heard “Knew About Me”. The act describes the track this way: “Lara and I aren’t really used to writing songs such as this one mainly because it’s pretty dark and exposes an angry side of us which we usually never show. It’s about betrayal and being hurt by someone on a very personal level. We’ve both been wronged by people in the past in such a way that letting it out in a song for once really allowed us to explore new facets of our own creativity, turning negativity into something positive that maybe some people will be able to relate to.” We dig how simple this track is but also how it is aware of its own space and makes the most of it. It is incredible seductive and soulful and we cannot wait to hear more.

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