Three Acts Pushing Rock Forward

Someday River – “Over the Weather”

The term psych rock gets thrown around a lot. Perhaps it has to do with bands like Tame Impala and the like who have recently found a large audience. Either way, there are some great acts who are classified within this genre that are pumping out some classic sounding rock. Someday River is such an act. The Florida outfit are prepping their self-released LP and we are sure there will be plenty of masterful jams like this one. They are masters of creating a rock sound that are both new and vintage. The guitar tone and solo toward the end is an instant classic. Vocally this act is on top of their craft with a matchless chemistry that ties it all together.

Lou Davies – “Riverrock Baby”

Speaking of classic psych rock that gives you all the feels, this one is spot on. The debut EP from Davies was recorded in the artist’s studio he created in Melbourne and showcases an artist playing with style in a genre-breaking manner. Of course there are Beatles influences but his sound is also layered and refreshingly new. We were reminded of Elephant Stone when we heard the track with his high-register harmonies and dreamy song structure. This is a classic track to just let spin on repeat while getting lost in your own mind. Simple and catchy, he is a must hear for anyone wanting to hear a throwback rock sound.

Anastasia Max – “All Went Black”

This brother sister duo has some influences that are rather pronounced on their new track. They have the simple goodness of Jack White with the punkish rock stylings of The Kills and a touch of jazz blues for good measure. It is easy to classify duos such as this Florida based act as niche, however these two have the talent to break the mold. Their sound surpasses numbers as they play like a full band, to their incredible credit. Talented and intriguing, they are able to bring in even the most discriminate of listeners. This is what alt-rock sounds like in the year 2018, and it is in good hands.

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