A Folk Singer Songwriter Playlist (Like the Good Old Days)

Well here we are some poets with strings… some storytellers with guitars… some songs about the southland and freedom and sunshine. Yes, it’s time for a folk music playlist. Hey and if you find something here you like, won’t you just be a darlin’ and share it with your friends and family. At least tell your mama. She loves good music.

Sean Christopher – “Carry On”
-If heartfelt and emotional performances are your thing, you’ll want to spend some time with this Sean Christopher track. The metaphor of “sailing away” works perfectly for this thoughtful and enjoyable song. I’ll warn you some of the chord changes can feel a bit unconventional, but as they resolve you’ll find yourself feeling a coolness that is worth the unsettling chord work.

Cavalry – “Black”
-Remember that line in my intro about a poet with a guitar? Yeah, right here. There’s not much I can say to help you with your enjoyment and interpretation of this song. Just shut up and listen. I would recommend noise cancelling headphones and a setting like Walden Pond to really sink into this gorgeous atmospheric folk song.

Alex Francis – “All I’ve Got”
-You can tell from first listen that Alex Francis knows how to sing with tons of raw emotion. The rasp in his voice is textbook radio ready. If you have a few million dollars, make a record with this guy because he’s pure gold. This is actually an incredible song about being fully committed to someone. It’s a really fantastic track that deserves a much, much wider audience.

Galia Arad – “Hearts in the Heartland”
-We’ve featured Galia Arad here before because she’s a really talented songwriter. Her style smacks of Americana, but we’re going to include her here anyways. The Don McLean style storytelling and roadtrip vibe of this tune is really a ton of fun. The next time you’re driving through the heartland, think about this jam and smile.

Jacob Thomas Jr. – “Running Through My Mind”
-We try to use the descriptor “Dylanesque” sparingly around here, but Thomas fits the bill. His last album I gushed over with a review and when we got this recent submission, I was overjoyed to hear what he’s up to. I’m happy to report that this song is just as good, continuing to blow me away with a beautiful melody and some superb heartfelt lyrics. It’s so Greenwich Village I can’t believe that I’m hearing it in 2017.

Teodor Holmqvist – “Brown Little Bird”
-Not to be nationalist about it, but Holmqvist kind of reminds me of the Tallest Man on Earth, another Swedish folk singer. But this song is really outstanding and is worth a listen for sure. The naturalist imagery works really well. I think I am most taken by the way the vocals layer over top with the vintage piano, guitar, and banjo filling in the sound. I really dig this one.

Nick Depuy – “Kings of Singalong”
-If you like an easy going folk sound, Nick Depuy is pretty darn good. The rhythm feels comfortable and the storytelling style is great. It feels like you’re sitting around a campfire listening to these guys tell their stories. If your toe doesn’t tap with this one, I’m not sure if you’re cut out for this kind of music. Delightful!

Alexander Wolfe – “Oslo”
-So let’s not mince words here: Alexander Wolfe is one of my favorite artists making music right now. PERIOD. So the fact that he keeps sending us music just warms my heart to no end. When I clicked play on this new track “Oslo” I was again floored by the fantastic work here. I could listen to this all flippin day. The composer’s style with a folk edge… I mean, it’s everything I’ve wanted in music for soooo many years. I love this song.

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