New Music Friday – Episode 75 – Vote in the poll to decide who wins an artist feature!

New Music Friday is a great way to find trending new artists. We are excited to pore through hundreds of submissions each week to find the ten we feature for you here. If you’d like a more in-depth look at their work, vote for them in the poll below.

Luke Justin Roberts – “I Can’t Say”
-This is a love song with a really interesting lead vocal. The style might remind you of someone like Sam Smith, but the vocal tone is definitely different. That said, the thoughtful lyrics and piano-based pop sound is really pleasing to the ear. It’s got light pop all over it.

Miki Fiki – “Stranger”
-If you’re a fan of groovy indie pop that sounds a bit like Maroon Five, you’ll dig this track from Miki Fiki. There are some really interesting sounds that will remind you of a bygone era (70s pop), but it also has a really nice fresh twist. The beat is good, but the harmonies steal the show for me. Three Dog Night eat your hearts out!

Cassia – “Out of Her Mind”
-Here’s a really fantastic indie pop track that has some swears and we don’t even care. I mean it’s a song about a crazy woman that he’s leaving. It’s a real celebration about that liberation of being done with a relationship that was draining you. It sounds like it would be better with a drink or three. Get your dance on with this intriguing dance groove and celebratory “moving on” song.

Shiners – “Generation Y”
-Indie pop is a tough genre sometimes because it can have so many different angles. I really dig the punk edge of this track from the Shiners. The uptempo feel is to be expected, but some of the punctuated chords here feel like they’re from a pop punk album more than typical hand-clappy indie pop music. But wow would this be a fun to dance with you friends at the show! (Maybe your young Gen Y friends… savvy?)

Rattlerette – “Here Be Dragons”
-Saucy. That’s the word that I think of when I hear the opening of Rattlerette’s new track “Here Be Dragons.” The bluesy attitude is just saucy and it drips right from the chord progression, some killer keys, and backing vocals that sizzle. The lyrics blend a sense of searching for something as well as having the courage to step out on your own. It’s great.

Ember Oceans – “Spearmint”
-One of the coolest things about running an international website is that we get submissions from the other side of the world. This song has just the right kind of exotic feel, while still really being an easy to enjoy jam. The alt rock vibe works nicely for the cool flavor of a message about hooking up. Right? I mean that’s what it’s about hooking up. But the hooky chorus gives it incredible hit potential in my book.

9 Theory – “Island Song”
-This anthemic track is full of optimism. You can almost envision birds flying and sunsets while you listen to it. I particularly enjoy the subtleties of the backbeat, keeping the song feeling fresh. The layered vocals create a vibe that is comfortable and relaxing while the beat keeps it moving.

Willie Breeding feat Caitlin Rose – “Prague Spring”
-Whether you call it indie pop or maybe folk, this is a stellar duet. The layered vocals from Willie Breeding and Caitlin Rose are really breathtaking. That’s not hyperbolic blogger speak, either. The voices are a fantastic match for one another. The song just croons of romance of a European old city. It’s a delightful listen from two clearly talented artists.

David Gorman – “You”
-This is one of the best love songs I’ve heard all year. The vocal harmonies had me from the opening, but the acoustic guitar is pretty delightful as well. The whole production is really outstanding. I feel like I could grab a drink with this guy and connect immediately. His soul comes through in this music in a way I haven’t heard since I discovered Jeremiah Daly a few years ago. Great stuff, really!

The Railsplitters – “Everyone She Meets”
-Pickin and a grinnin… both! This is a really fun song from the Railsplitters. The lead vocal here is really amazing and hopelessly melodic. The joy in the main character of the song is really evident and makes me think of someone special in my life. Isn’t that what good music should do? Anyways, get your toes tappin and enjoy the ear-pleasing string work of the Railsplitters.

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