4 Criminally Underexposed Songwriters

Ayelle – “Silverplates”

This is an incredibly timely single from the Swedish-Iranian downtempo electro pop songstress. On the track, she explains: “Silverplates is a metaphor for male privilege and the entitlement felt towards female identifying bodies. Too often in this narrative, women are made to feel as if they’re disposable, and it’s an exhausting landscape to navigate.” Her style is in the realm of FKA Twigs, and shares a poignant and convicted song structure we admire. She is releasing tons of new music that will challenge many listeners’ views on what the genre is capable of. This is perfect chill out music with a conscience.

Alex Bloom – “Sunrise”

If you love the rich vocals of artists like Jim James, then Bloom will be right up your alley. Regular readers may recognize his name from his triumphant New Music Friday victory. His rich vocal range and authentic acoustic style makes him a refreshing and intriguing songwriter who we definitely are smitten with. Blending genres seamlessly, while never overreaching, listeners will hear folk, Americana, and psych pop just to name a few in his sound. His debut album Blue Room is set for release on December 8th and we can almost assuredly guarantee we will be bringing more of his breath taking tunes to you.

Nic Coolidge – “Make Me A Pallet On The Floor”

The one adjective we can best use to describe this artist is rustic. This track is a cover from an old 1800’s standard. His strength is the simplicity that he plays and the overwhelming talent to keep you drawn in. We were captivated by his style and playing. Not to mention, the vocals are pretty solid and remind us of Shakey Graves territory. This Rhode Island artist has recently released a surprising new album entitled Labrador we think you would like. His is a songwriting style that is ripe with feels and exceptional talent.

Maia Kelly – “Ugly”

If there were ever an artist that captures the heart and spirit of Ear to the Ground, it is Maia Kelly. Her vulnerable songwriting is as powerful as it is exceptional. Kelly builds an intimate setting within her sound that makes listeners feel like they are alone with the artist. This lo fi recording only helps to accelerate that feeling. We were immediately captivated with the young singer songwriter. This track, which carries a small pop flare to it, reminds us of turned down version “Unfucktheworld” by Angel Olsen. We are excited to see what is next from the authentic songwriter.


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