Six Unique And Compelling Singles

Bleed The Rads – “New Year”

The whispered vocals on this one will make you feel like you are alone listening to a confession. We appreciate an artist that knows their strengths, and this one does. “New Year” has an interesting mix of sounds and genre that is one part folk and one part confessional. An apparent banjo is used sparingly and without irony, which we appreciate, and the vocals are loud enough to get the point across with minimal production value. With the holidays coming, it might just be the perfect melancholy track to get you through. If you appreciate laid back songwriting with a tinge of sadness for good measure, then look no further.

Promisor – “Raindrops”

So you probably know how we often feel about electro, because you probably feel the same (this is why we’re friends). Often it tries to blast you with unwelcomed sound and ridiculous hooks. So you know when we do cover this genre, you can trust it’s good. As a collaboration of accomplished songwriters, Promisor is a fresh sound of delicious guitar tones, mixed with LCD Soundsystem style vocal crooning. Listeners might also hear a Depeche Mode vibe to it as well. It is theatric and builds a wall of sound that feels bigger than the cheap earbuds you use to listen to it. This is electro rock done right and with conviction.

Kylypso – “Cosmic Dolphins”

Okay, yes, that song title is questionable, we get it. But the way this track evokes hip shaking and confident swaying is reminiscent of MGMT and that is a very good thing. The London trio are prepping an EP that is sure to illicit the same unexpected vibes that we discovered upon listening. For a funk based synth heavy band like Kylypso to win us over tells of their intriguingly deep songwriting, including lyrics that are more meaningful than expected. They layer a sound delicately and deliberately in a way that will surely make you feel something.

Oliver Hazard – “Caesar Knows”

We like this band a lot, and it is not only because they come from the Buckeye state. The Americana thump is reminiscent of acts like The Head and The Heart and can create an incredibly catchy sound that will have you sing along, much like The Lumineers do so well. The thing about this track we like is that it screams of the band chemistry and talent. We know that as they progress, they are sure to find their sound and craft even more anthems for the folk audience. They blend genres well too without missing a toe tapping beat.

Tuvaband – “Mess”

Fresh off a wave of well-deserved praise for their releases so far, the Norwegian duo are prepping a highly anticipated EP. The act draws inspiration for the track from the current destruction of the planet. While gaining comparisons to Laura Marling and The Staves, Tuvaband craft delicate and poignant sounds that lull and lyrics that ignite. Of their many strengths, the vocals are increasingly praise worthy. Their mix of folk, electro, and minimalism is something not to miss. “Mess” is perhaps their best track to date and reminds us of a Bon Iver track that is more accessible to a larger audience. It has a subtle beauty that will stop listeners dead in their tracks, regardless of genre preference.

Vian Izak – “Little Lost” (feat. POLR) To be released 11/24

The progressive artist is releasing comic accompaniment with each two track release until December. The concept shows how creative and forward thinking the Nashville artist is. Covering before, we compared the artist to the likes of Fun and Paul Simon, and this one furthers those comparisons. He is progressive and prolific for sure, but it seems like ever tune he unleashes has its own sense of belonging in the catalog of arresting pop music. We cannot recommend this artist enough.

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