3 Contemplative Songwriters You Need To Hear

Jason Hawk Harris – “Phantom Limb”

This songwriter comes from a long line of musicians who have influenced him through the years. While kids his age were chasing typical adolescent pleasures, he was studying musical composition, and still regrets not being able to collaborate with his uncle John Harris, who passed away in ’91.  “He wrote sad country songs about heartbreak, love and shame, “Harris says, “and he sang them like it was the last thing he’d ever do.” That same sense of urgency is found in his rich songwriting. His is an artful mix of vulnerability and expert musicianship. This track reminds us of a Dawes style jam, complete with a guitar solo, which will make listeners swoon. Like Dawes, the artist is able to discuss complex issues in a fresh and compelling way


Corey Kilgannon – “The Fighter”

Kilgannon has a David Ramirez style quiver to his voice that makes him especially interesting. He has a rare ability to make you feel like you are in the room with him as he sings. Building a vulnerable wall of the turmoil in his soul, Kilgannon is able to put his self-revelations to some beautiful music, including a slide guitar we fell for immediately. His new album is a type of sequel to his 2014 EP The Hollow, The Hollow II. His music has already garnered buzz from the likes of Spotify and Noisetrade, and we believe this release will find the artist in the rare company of the folk elite. His haunting and personal style is a refreshing breeze in a broad landscape.

Sierra Blanca – “Beds”

This is the first track from the upcoming EP, Honorable Mention, by this Nashville artist. The voice behind the act, Jethro Gaglione, actually started playing under tents in Mexico with his parents’ traveling missionary group. The intimacy in which he plays is refreshing and will convert many to his gospel of defeat and optimism. His voice plays somewhere between David Ramirez and a seasoned country western troubadour. If you were blessed enough to hear The Snake, The Cross, The Crown, Sierra Blanca reminds us of that same style of compelling songwriting. “Beds” has a nice blend of sounds, including an organ that is not overtaking but engaging. The track screams of his talent and art in the way you want a single to do. We are eagerly waiting to hear more from this contemplative songwriter.

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