The 4 Best Tracks We Heard This (Or Any) Week


Aaeidi – “Run”

How do you communicate something beyond “wow”? Whatever feeling you get beyond those borders is exactly the mood we get from this artist. The soulful singer is a master at crafting heart-arresting tracks with her powerful vocals that speak of a deep-hearted artist. Her strength is her uncanny ability to blend almost every genre possible in a way that is compelling and rich. “Run” blends outlaw country with soul in an “all in” approach. The artist spent most of 2017 touring with The Girl + The Glory, and is now venturing out on her own and we are super stoked for that. Aaeidi has a fresh voice that won’t go undiscovered for very much longer. We are completely and utterly smitten.

Sam Valdez – “It’s Alright”

Speaking of smitten, check out this songwriter. The Nevada raised songstress has everything you would want from your singer songwriters. A perfect blend of shoe gaze and indie rock, Valdez reminds us of Angel Olsen mixed with the storytelling of Torres. Growing up in the Nevada desert, her sound portrays the same type of vast and spacious musical arena you would come to expect from the desert heat. “I wrote this song in a dream-like state of mind,” explains the artist. The dreamy quality she creates is ultra compelling and born out of her own solo journey after performing in numerous other acts. The LA troubadour credits Sufijan Stevens and Sylvia Plath as inspiration, and we are sure you will hear traces of both within her enthralling sound.

Jordan Mackampa – “Give in to the Dark”

The first track from his upcoming live EP Live From the Grand Cru, this UK songwriter has a perfect grasp on genre and space. The artist has an unmatched heart for his craft and it shows in the explosion of rich sound and melodies within this first track. He describes it as a confession of sorts, but with less religious attachment. I’m saying that the “real world” feels less like a dream come true and more of a nightmare. So by giving into the dark, I escape to a place where I’m at peace, giving me the chance to runaway from the war I’m fighting; even if it’s only for a moment or two.” Mackampa has slowly been making a name for himself with his two previous EP’s, which have impressively garnered over 4 million streams on Spotify, as well as his rich live performances. If you love music of any kind, this is your new favorite act.

Simon Baum – “Nothing”

At this point, we can say that Baum is a friend of our site. We cover him a lot and for good reason. His confessional songwriting and beautiful arrangements make him a top artist to keep an eye on. “Nothing” plays like an Ecclesiastes style existential prayer. It is rich in encouragement and meaning. He has been compared to Damien Rice, but perhaps with a little more mass appeal. His folk acoustic stylings are able to tug at even the most ardent of listeners, while his voice is able to soothe and convict in the same creative breathe. Craftsmen songwriters such as Simon Baum are why we do what we do at Ear to the Ground.

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