The Weekend Rundown: Nothing But The Best For Your Fall Weekend

Francesca Blanchard – “Free”

This one might be familiar. If you watch the hospital drama “Grey’s Anatomy”, then chances are this tune grabbed your attention immediately. The singer songwriter plays well to the drama of man without seeming vain or contrived. Her vocal range cannot be pigeonholed into genre; it plays in folk, pop, and even electro atmospheres well. The chorus is enough to make you an instant fan and will find you singing in French as well, regardless of your linguistic capabilities. Rarely does a music video complement the song as well as this one does. It unfolds steady but unhindered in the most beautiful of ways. Given the popularity of this track, we wouldn’t be surprised to hear much more from her, and I think we can all agree, this is a very good thing.

Cassidy Shooster (CA.SS) – “Waste”

Touted by many as the next James Blake, the 17-year-old singer songwriter already has a firm grasp on the genre. Minimal electro can be strained and empty when not done well, and therefore the vocals have to be stop-you-in-your-tracks good. Shooster does just that. Vocally she is alluring and powerful, bending and crooning with the greatest of ease. Her talent transcends her age. “Waste” is a sleek and dark R&B exploration on relational failings. Her debut EP, Introspection, carries the same sound that she crafts so well and will make industry insiders continue to take notice. She has already impressed tastemakers and producers alike, including Ariana Grande’s former vocal coach. It is with the utmost confidence that we espouse her as the real deal. Get onboard now before it is too late.

Vian Izak – “Marble Floors”

This is an existential ballad if there ever was one. The piano sway of this one is great accompaniment for the longings of the weary songwriter. We are a sucker for trading vocals, and this one did not disappoint. Sarah Jane from Through Juniper Vale contributes a few lines that make your heart stop and work well with Izak. The progressive artist is releasing comic accompaniment with each two track release until December. The concept shows how creative and forward thinking the Nashville artist is. Covering before, we compared the artist to the likes of Fun and Paul Simon, and this one furthers those comparisons. It is also worth mention that “Marble Floors” was recorded on the Steinway Piano of the late Elvis Presley. That alone should pique your interest.

Yonaka – “Bubblegum”

For those who are fans, the news that The Yeah Yeah Yeahs have returned is the best news of the year. Their influence is tragically understated and can be heard within the visceral sounds of Brighton’s Yonaka. This track is a quick burner of a track, clocking in at less than two and a half minutes. The band is able to create something fresh, creative, and uniquely themselves within the space allotted. Their new EP will deservingly gain notoriety for what has been considered to be one of the most creative UK acts. Currently the guitar scene-stealing act is touring the UK in hopes of making it to the states, which could benefit greatly from their heart pumping chants of rock redemption.

Summer Heart – “Follow”

The video from David Alexander (aka Summer Heart) is breathtaking. “I wrote ‘Follow’ with the intention of exploring the concept of following your dreams, and the possibility of never quite getting there. Kyle, who directed the video, wanted to convey this idea through a relationship between a mother and her young daughter. The daughter, relishing her role as the star of the show, is all naive optimism and youthful exuberance” explains the artist. He is able to build a sound that reminds us of M83 and especially the Drive soundtrack in its feel and scope. It has an eerie indie pop vibe we like, and its way to evoke emotion is definitely its strength.

Klez – “Sons & Daughters”

It’s about time we introduce you to the California pop stylings of John Klezmer (aka Klez). This track grabbed our attention immediately with its blend of indie pop and gospel. The background singers had us feeling all the feels and was intriguing enough for us to check out his debut EP, Here Right Now. It reminds us of NEEDTOBREATHE and like bands. You can tell that Klez has a stranglehold on multiple instruments and was raised on an eclectic mix. His soulful crooning and pop production is some of the best we heard this month. Check it out immediately.

Danielle Deckard – “Happy”

“Would that make me happy?” might just be the cry of this generation. The main line of this track from the Australian artist is relevant for today. The young songwriter has a beautiful mix of the singer songwriter styling, including confessional lyrics, while still bringing in an impressive ‘80’s flare. Deckard is a Berklee College of Music alumni and you can tell in this track. The way she structures lyrics while building into a pop swell is something to behold. “Happy” comes off her forthcoming 2018 album of the same name. There is something complex within her sound and listeners will benefit with many listens.

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