This Week’s Best Tracks

Leo Nite – “Crystallized”

If there is a scientific feel to the approach of this artist, it is because there is. The Portland based artist began music as a way to escape the scientific research he did professionally. Blending minimal electro stylings with classic soul based vocals; Leo Nite will remind you of many creative artists you love already. On this particular track, we hear a little Daft Punk and Toro Y Moi with refreshing originality. His strength is a layered sound and vocals that reverberate within your headphones both distinctly and peacefully. The artist has slowly built a catalog of impressive tracks. You would be well served to check them out.

Wy – “Gone Wild”

“This was the first song we wrote for the album and I think it’s the most personal song I’ve ever written. It’s about everything I fear and everything I doubt. And about trying to get better,” says Ebba, one half of the dreamy duo Wy. After years of playing in different bands together, Ebba teamed with Michel to form this current project we think you will love as much as we do. After a successful EP, Never Was, they have recently released a 10 song LP that brims with anthemic reflections on self-doubt and artistic longings. If you like shoe gaze done well, and appreciate a dark wave duo sound, then these two will have you reeling for more.

Stereo Honey – “The Bay”

This London quartet is as good as advertised. Their first single off their soon to be released EP, Monuments, is full of soaring vocals, slow burning guitars, and expert storytelling. This track harkens the tragic story of the ’04 drowning of undocumented and exploited laborers trafficked from southern China. This track is brimming with heartbreaking personal narrative that leaves listeners feeling the depth of experience. If you are looking for comparisons, think Muse and Foals for starters. Their intricate song structure is nothing short of incredible.

Hampton Dawes – “Delete Me”

There is an easy-going sound of this singer songwriter. It reminds us of an 80’s folk sound, mixed with a seasoned Morrissey vocal experience, complete with the same dry sense of humor and without the brimming insanity of the Smiths artist. There is just enough lounge-singing troubadour to make his sound interesting but not too much to make it weird. His guitar work is unexpected and refreshing while his lines are incredibly catchy and fun. We might even sound a little crazy, but we also hear a Motown style influence. Dawes is an everyman artist we think has the strength to connect with listeners of many different backgrounds.


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