The Absolute Best Tracks We Heard This Week

Kanadia– “Ocean Blue”

Oxford rock is back. The four-piece alternative act builds jams for the masses with growing sounds that swell until a combustible finale. Building on those who came before, such as Foals and 30 Seconds to Mars, the group is loud, hypnotic, and incredibly talented. Their anthemic sound will connect with those who are in need of new rock heroes as well as those who are casual listeners. Releasing their debut self-titled EP in 2015, they have since toured extensively, creating a devoted fan base that love their stadium style rock vibes. Watch out for this act, they might just burst through the mainstream.

Little Hustle – “Hall of Gems”

We have a running gag in the office of trying to understand exactly what “shoe gaze” is. We both have our own takes, and of course appreciate the standard contributors like Primal Scream. NYC’s Little Hustle might just be a perfect example of what makes the genre great. Both of our editors classified this as quintessential shoe gaze with an indie electro flare that forces listeners to take notice. It is both parts melodic comfort music and visceral rock punch. The end result is something special that transcends genre. The band is able to seamlessly mix sounds layers in a way of much more established act.

LANNDS – “Hourglass”

It might be cliché to compare artists to Lorde, but the musical project of Memphis born Rania Woodard is a close relative to the Aussie indie wonder. “Hourglass” will be found on her new EP due for release in ’18 and we are beyond intrigued to hear more. The way she crafts electro pop with indie rock guitar and disarming vocals is something you must hear. The elements on this track are beyond what you might expect and plays out like the best of surprises.

Harrison Storm – “Change It All”

This track brilliantly captures the artist’s excursions traveling the Australian coastline in a wagon with friends. Storm has crafted a brilliant fall soundtrack that brims with nostalgia and the gentle sway of desire. This is the sound of an optimistic longing for better. He is an artist to watch and his ability to craft carefully layered tracks will grab your attention immediately. If you are seeking comparisons, try mixing Bon Iver with Aqualung, and you might have a start to just how well crafted his style is.

The New Respects – “Future”

This Nashville act has been torching the landscape of soulful rock for the last few years. There EP Here Comes Trouble, has been in steady rotation since we got the chance to sit down and chat with the soulful bunch (check that out here). Recently they have toured with the likes of Robert Randolph, NEEDTOBREATHE, and O.A.R. and continue to make the world take notice. This is the first single since the stellar EP, and has elements of funk that would make Prince proud.

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